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What is a 'good' credit card? - Clark Howard

Asking the question, "What is a good credit card?" is kind of like asking "What is a good car?" as the answer will always depend on who you are and what you are using it for. A good car for a large family might be a minivan, while a compact might be the right car for solo commuter.

What is a 'good' credit card?

So let's look at a few of the different types of credit card users and get a sense for...

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What's going to happen to your Sears credit card? - Clark ...

We've written about how owning a Sears or any store credit card is generally a bad idea (more on...

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3 credit cards with no balance transfer fees and low ...

Is credit card debt becoming overwhelming in your life? A credit card with the right balance transfer offer can help you get out from underneath that mountain.

It's easy to find credit cards that will let you transfer a balance at 0% APR for a certain number of months . . . but you'll typically pay a balance transfer fee of at least 3%.

If you want to be really cheap, here are three credit card...

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How to lower your credit card interest rate - Clark Howard

How to lower your credit card interest rate

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Credit cards can be great tools to have in your wallet. They allow you to make a purchase...

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Credit Cards Archives - Clark Howard

Review Summary: The Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Credit Card offers a simple but valuable cash back offer. This card is...

PenFed Pathfinder review: Premium travel rewards, no annual fee Credit Cards December 17, 2018 by: Jason Steele

Review Summary: The PenFed Pathfinder Rewards American Express® Card strikes a unique balance between offering premium rewards and benefits while having...

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Can I use a credit card at an ATM? - Clark Howard

Most banking customers are very familiar with ATMs and use them from time to time to get cash with their debit card. But can you use a credit card at an ATM? The answer is yes, but that does not necessarily mean it is a good idea.

Can you use a credit card at an ATM?

Automated teller machines offer a great replacement to bank tellers for quick, self-service transactions. You can use most ATMs...

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Here's why consumer credit card debt remains high & how to ...

You might be able to tell from your bank statements, but if you didn't already know, consumer credit card debt is once again getting out of control.

That's according to the Federal Reserve, which reported that credit card debt reached $870 billion at the end of December 2018. That's the largest tally ever!

Why credit card debt continues to edge upward

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Can I buy a car with a credit card? - Clark Howard

Buying a new car is one of the biggest purchases most of us will make. Most of the time, a lot of research is done before you even visit the dealership. You want to make sure the vehicle has the features you want and that it's going to be safe for you and your family. But most of all, you want to make sure you're getting the best price.

Some people won't purchase a new car unless they've saved up...

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How to stop junk mail with OptOutPrescreen - Clark Howard

If getting too much junk mail is an ongoing problem for you, there's a great option for getting rid of much of it once and for all. is a joint venture from the big credit reporting companies that lets consumers request an opt-out or opt-in for offers from credit and insurance companies.

We here at Team Clark have heard from untold numbers of people who have successfully used...

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