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How do you notify a CC company of travel? - myFICO® Forums

So should I call them and say I need to put out a travel notification? Or what would I say? Or would secure message be better for that? The trip is a month away but I will be booking my flight and hotel today and I don't want them to freak out so I think it will be better to notify them before I book.

What is the best/recommended procedure for notifying credit card companies of travel?


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Credit Cards for International Student without SSN ...

Credit Cards for International Student without SSN

Hey guys,

Citi Forward: 3K Banana Card: 3K Amex Gold Delta: 3K


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High Limit Credit Cards? - myFICO® Forums - 2108319

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What's your highest Credit Card limit? - myFICO® Forums ...

When I applied for the Amex Delta Reserve card, I nearly fell out of my seat when she told me that my CL will be $25,000. Is there a maximum amount that personal revolving cards cannot exceed? What is your highest CL and which card is it? American Express Delta Reserve: $25,000.

Current myFICO Scores:03/08/12 EQ: 801 o TU: 801 o Bank of America TU FICO: 822 o Credit Karma Vantage: 873

My Wallet:...

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Capital One Secured Card Credit Limit INCREASE!! - myFICO ...

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Chase Credit Card Application Status - The FICO Forums

i tried searching for the number here but couldnt find this. sorry if its already posted. 888-338-2586

04/01/2008 :: FAKO EX 560 05/05/2008 :: FAKO EX 685

05/05/2008 :: TU 625 :: EQ 615 :: EX 629

06/22/2008 :: TU 654 :: EQ 646 :: EX 626

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

The backdoor number is 888-245-0625.

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Re: Chase Credit Card Application...

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Approved for Visa Black card... - myFICO® Forums - 938890

06-07-2011 08:40 PM

Approved for Visa Black card...

So as a joke to my DH I applied for the Visa Black card knowing that I would never pay $500 a year+ for such a stupid card. I also thought that with 600 eq I'd never be approved...

Well, I was instantly approved now I feel really dumb, how can I cancel this thing? ughh!!

P.S: What kind of "exclusive" card would accept a 600 eq? Seems like a...

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Bankruptcy Friendly Credit Cards Pt.2 - myFICO® Forums ...

The other thread was locked due to it being so old. It probably had some out of date info anyway

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