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Difference Between Visa and MasterCard (with Comparison ...

One of our common misconception about the two payment processing giants, Visa and MasterCard is that they issue credit cards. But the fact is that they are not card issuers, as they are intermediaries between banks and customers. These two multinational companies provide end number of services to customers through banks, and so they do not have any interaction with the customers. While three...

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Difference Between Debit Note and Credit Note (with ...

Debit Note

Definition of Debit Note

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Difference Between ATM card and Debit card (with ...

Key Differences Between ATM card and Debit card

The ATM card is issued by the bank to allow its customer to have an access to the ATM any time to withdraw money while the Debit card is issued by the bank to allow its customers to purchase goods and services by making the payment through a card.

The ATM card does not provide the service of Internet banking, whereas the Debit card can be used for the online transactions.

Normally ATM card consists of the logo Maestro or Cirrus or Plus, while Master or Visa is encrypted on the face of the...

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