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Settle debt with collection agencies for pennies on the dollar

By Lisa Phillips Updated on

February 11, 2015

Credit News , Debt Collectors 2 Comments

Before you pay one dime to a collection agency, try negotiating a better deal. Everything is negotiable. Never allow a collection agency to tell you anything different. By offering a lump-sum payment, you could easily cut your debt in half.

Even if you are unable to offer a lump-sum payment, you can still...

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Unsecured Credit Cards: Easy Approval Credit Cards to ...


Easy Approval Credit Cards

When you have need to establish, build or rebuild credit easy approval credit cards can help. One of the best actions to overcome a bad credit history is to show how well you currently manage debt with easy approval credit cards. One very popular way to rebuild or re-establish credit is with a secured credit card.

But you have more options other than to rely on a secured credit card. Save your money while rebuilding credit with unsecured easy...

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Banks That Don't Use ChexSystems | Second Chance Banks List

USAA Free Checking

USAA primarily serves military families, including retired service members, spouses, and children. Members of the National Guard are also eligible. You'll need a $25 deposit to start, but you're not required to hold a minimum balance. Additionally, there is no monthly service fee and you can take advantage of free ATMs, mobile check deposits, and overdraft protection. Note that...

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How to apply for business credit without using personal credit

By Lisa Phillips Updated on

February 7, 2013

Business Credit , Questions No Comments

Question: I incorporated my business in 2010 but have had my EIN since 2007 for self-employed. When I incorporated I went into Duns & Bradstreet put in company name I got my Duns Number very quick. When a rep called he told me I did it for my personal credit but I used my company name on everything and of course...

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Strategies to Rebuild Credit History & Improve Credit Scores

Earn 25x the national savings rate.

Savings Account

A healthy savings account is equal to having good credit. Emergency funds can keep you afloat and keep your credit on track. Earn 25x the national interest rate with the CIT Bank Premier High Yield Savings Account that earns 1.55 percent...

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