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Which Credit Cards Are Easiest To Get After Bankruptcy?

Which Credit Cards Are Easiest To Get After Bankruptcy?

By: Christina


Below is a list of credit cards that are likely to approve you after BK. These are taken from experience, readers feedback and from other readers from around the web. We've had lots of readers comments at the end of the post, which is worth reading. We will list store cards after doing more research.

Score of...

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Orchard Bank MasterCard Review - Orchard Bank Credit Card

Reasonable fees and APR (relative to the sub prime space)

Could get either a secured or unsecured card depending on credit assessment


Laden with some fees (though much lower than competition



Summary - We highly recommend the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards or the Orchard Bank Visa Cards (both have same features) to those who have no credit or poor credit and for those who are...

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Menu of Retail Store Credit Cards - Reviews and Online ...


Menu of Retail Store Credit Cards - Reviews and Online Applications

Retail store credit cards, unlike general reward program credit cards, only allow you to earn points and redeem them for a particular brand of merchandise. These cards will appeal to those who shop very frequently at a particular retailer.

Best Retail Store Card For Holiday Spending

We personally have this card and got it to...

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Net First Platinum Review - Ask Mr Credit Card



The table above compares with major shopping credit card accounts that compete with Net First Platinum. But before we do some comparisons, it is worth noting that some of these cards belong to the same company. For example, Net First Platinum is issued by Horizon Gold. So is Freedom Gold. That is why their fees are similar. Next Millennium Card and Vast Platinum are issued by Unique...

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Can You Get a Business Credit Card With Only A Tax ID Number?

Can You Get a Business Credit Card With Only A Tax ID Number?

By: Brooke Kaelin


One of our readers, Frank Mills, sent us this question:

I have heard that you can apply for a business credit card and get a fresh start by using only the tax id number but it seems that all of the cards that we have checked want your social security number. Is there such a card to apply with only the tax...

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List of Cards That Pay Cash Back on Gas - Ask Mr Credit Card

List of Cards That Pay Cash Back on Gas

Below is a list of gas rewards credit cards that are available in the market.


This is one of the rare gas cards remaining that still pays their rewards in percentage terms (3% for purchases at HESS and WILCO stations). Great for those with good credit and who fill their gas tanks almost exclusively from HESS. Find out more


This once used to be one of...

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How Do You Start A Repayment Plan With a Credit Card Company?

How do you start a repayment plan with a credit card company?

It's never an easy thing when you can't pay your bills. You do have options though, and it's not difficult to set up a repayment plan. After all, lenders want you to pay them back, so they aren't going to give you much trouble when you call to make arrangement. We get many questions about repayment plans. One of the most recent was...

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Cerulean Credit Card From Continental Finance Review


17.24% to 25.24%

There are a few sub-prime cards today (though much few than before the 2008 financial crisis) that we should compare this card to.

The first is Continental's own Matrix card . It turns out that the Matrix card has the same identical rates and fees as this card. In fact, this card has nearly identical features and fees of most of other Continental Finances' cards like Reflex...

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Refund On A Closed Credit Card - Ask Mr Credit Card Blog

Refund On A Closed Credit Card

By: Jason Steele

A reader asks:


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Valero Credit Card Review

50X for Speedway Purchases

10X for non-Speedway purchases

The most important thing when comparing gas cards is how much can you save on gasoline. As you can see in the table above, most gas cards allow you to earn about 5 cents per gallon. Some have no minimum requirements. Others allow you to save more if you buy a certain amount of gasoline.

The Valero gas card belongs to the later. The tiers are 4 cents and 8 cents per gallon...

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