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Credit Card Dispute: What Happens After You Dispute a Charge?

August 3, 2017 at 1:57 pm


Here's a situation I can't find an answer for. Unfortunately, I purchased furniture from a brand-name manufacturer that did not meet my expectations and satisfaction. This journey has been HORRIBLE!! I did everything proper--contacted the merchant in good faith; threatened to file a BBB complaint; then filed a BBB complaint; disputed it with the TWO credit card...

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7 Credit card tips for college students - CESI

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Applying for a credit card in college is a great idea. Honestly it's one of the best credit card tips we can give 20 somethings. That being said, good advice is relative. Advice can only be good if you use it wisely. How you use a credit card is up to you and if you use it a student credit card responsibly it can be a great stepping stone to bigger and better things like being approved...

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Credit Card Debt Settlement: Tips for Negotiating - CESI

If you are having serious financial difficulties and aren't able to pay all your debts, it may be worthwhile to negotiate a credit card debt settlement. Settling your debt shouldn't be the first choice for addressing debt, but it can allow you to avoid bankruptcy and also lets your creditor recoup some of your balance. Follow these tips to negotiate a settlement that works for both you and your...

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