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Easy to understand, easy html to paste into my site, and easy on the wallet!"

-- Patrick Brumm, 2 Fires Studios, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Thank you for this service. I am most pleased that there is no contract.

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Credit Card Terminals | Traditional & Wireless Credit Card ...

Merchants can use these terminals to process credit card and debit card sales and receive instant feedback regarding the status of the transaction -- all through the credit card terminal. By accepting credit card payments, retail merchants are able to increase sales and reduce or eliminate bounced checks from customers. Your business and your customers deserve the best security and efficiency...

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Affiliates -

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Credit Card Processing -

Internet Merchant Accounts is an online merchant account provider that offers state-of-the-art solutions for Internet merchants of all sizes. Our secure credit card pr

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Accept Credit Cards Online -

The credit card POS ( point of sale) which is an online credit card processor that credit cards interface with so electronic funds are transferred from your customer's to your account does the job of accepting credit cards with a mere slip.

What is the ideal payment processing service to use?

The first important factor in a payment processing service is that it needs to be certified. Make sure...

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Credit Card Logos -

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Credit Card Logos

Boost your sales by displaying credit card logos. Simply copy and paste the code, below, into your website and the credit card logos will instantly appear on your website. Make sure you place the code in a highly visible area near the top of every page of your website so all of your customers know that you securely accept credit cards.

If you are accepting American...

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VeriFone Credit Card Processing Terminals -

VeriFone Credit Card Processing Terminals

VeriFone Credit Card Processing Terminals offers a full selection of VeriFone credit card terminals including the highly popular VeriFone 3750.


VeriFone 3750 Terminal

With an ATM-style interface and small footprint, the VeriFone 3750

is powerful yet 'agile'. The small form factor means that you can easily start the transaction and then hand...

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Nurit Credit Card Processing Terminals -

Nurit Credit Card Processing Terminals

Nurit Credit Card Processing Terminals offers a wide selection of Nurit credit card terminals including the popular Nurit 2085 terminal.


Nurit 2085 Terminal

A very advanced and space-friendly unit, the Nurit 2085 is a fast and

very quiet. The large LCD display coupled with the generously sized keypad allows for easy operation. With its built-in...

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Ecommerce Credit Card Processing - Charge

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

One Solution to Do it All!

During the last few years, the web has...

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