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Compare Balance Transfer Credit Cards | Search the best deals

Balance transfer credit cards are an excellent option for customers aiming to transfer debt from high interest cards to one with a 0% interest rate for a set period.

This introductory rate allows customers to better manage their finances by moving balances to a credit card that won't accrue interest until the 0% period is over.

On this page, you can compare balance transfer credit cards using our...

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Instant decision credit cards | Compare deals and apply online


Will you get this card?

Representative example: When you spend £1,200 at a purchase rate of 18.9% (variable) per annum, your representative APR will be 18.9% APR (variable).

Post Office Credit Cards are provided by Bank of Ireland UK. Post Office Limited is a credit broker and not a lender.

Choose Ltd is a credit broker. We do not charge any fees in relation to credit broking...

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The M&S credit card: what's on offer? - Choose

The card was launched in 2003 during a serious rethink of M&S customer loyalty: in 2000 the department store started accepting all credit cards, not just their own store card. No longer limited to just one card, 1.4 million customers closed their accounts.

Since its launch - and its 10th birthday - the M&S credit card has continued to be one of the few deals laser focused on customer rewards as...

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Post Office credit card details | Issued by Bank of Ireland

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Post Office Money credit cards

Post Office Money offers a range of credit card deals including introductory offers on both balance transfers and for new purchase spending.

Post Office Money offers the following credit cards

About Post Office Money credit cards

Why choose a Post Office credit card?

With a Post Office credit card, customers will be able to...

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Credit cards and cash withdrawals - Choose


This is an extreme example; few people would take out £1,000 all at once.

For a £100 withdrawal from an ATM with 20 days to go until the amount was paid back in full the same cardholder would pay the minimum fee - £3 - plus approximately £1.50 in interest.

However, although that doesn't sound like a lot, it could really start to add up over multiple transactions.

'Cash advance'...

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0% or life of balance transfer credit card: which saves more?

7.4% p.a

5.6% p.a

These calculations assume an initial transfer of £1,000 and that equal monthly repayments are made during the 0% period.

As the table shows, over a period of 12 months a high balance transfer fee can amount to a similar rate to those offered by the lower rate life of balance cards, which don't tend to charge a fee for moving the balance.

In addition to the life of balance...

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Credit card interest free periods: how they work - Choose

Home > Money > Guide > What are my credit cards' interest free days?

What are my credit cards' interest free days?


Last updated on 10 July 2014

"I have a 56 day interest free period on my credit card.

Does that mean I have to pay the whole balance off before my statement is due or can I pay when I receive my statement?"

Credit cardholders should always have time to receive...

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Chargeback: how it works and how to claim - Choose

How to get cash back from chargeback

How to get cash back from chargeback

Last Updated on 24 May 2016


Chargeback schemes can help customers get what they paid for - or get their money back.

In this guide we look at when debit and credit cards are covered and how cardholders can make a claim.

What chargeback can do

Chargeback is a process that allows debit and credit card holders to...

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How a prepaid card could boost your credit rating - Choose


These fees correct as of the byline date. Find out more: Cashplus fees , iCount fees .

It's possible, therefore, to say that customers will pay about £80 or £125 over the course of the year, for the benefit of having a completed loan appear on their credit report.

Is it worth it?

The big question left at the end of that description is this: is £80 worth it?

The benefits

Having a...

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Card lost or stolen? Here's what to do - Choose

Mastercard debit and credit

Remember that anyone who wants to cancel a card will need to confirm their identity.

When reporting a lost or stolen card the bank or card provider won't ask for a lot of information, but being able to provide the following will help:

The name of the card issuer - bank or otherwise.

The country where it was issued.

The cardholder's name as printed on the card.


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