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Apply Best Credit Cards Deals Online in Malaysia 2019 ...

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6 Best CashBack Credit Cards in Malaysia |

6 Best CashBack Credit Cards in Malaysia

6 Best CashBack Credit Cards in Malaysia

by fara, on category " Credit Card "

March 1, 2018

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Updated on March 1, 2018

We all spend money on a daily basis, so why not make your everyday purchases more rewarding with a cashback card? Here are the best cashback credit cards in Malaysia to help you save even when you're...

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The Best Balance Transfer Plans in Malaysia -

Under this balance transfer program, you will have to pay a minimum of 5% from your monthly credit card statement and the monthly balance transfer instalment in full before the statement due date. If you fail to do so, you will be charged 18% on the remaining balance. In order to be eligible for this plan you need to be either a Maybank conventional or Islamic credit card holder.


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Best Credit Cards For Free Airport Lounge Access ...

You will be pleased to know that the points you collect with this card will never expire so you will have...

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Most Expensive Credit Cards In Malaysia -

You will get the advantage of both the Maybank Premier credit card and also be awarded with an American Express Card, which means you get 2 cards with one sign up!

Wine and dine while enjoying up to 50% discount at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur. But do take note of blackout periods such as during Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and a few other festive periods. Discounts will not apply during those...

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5 Lowest Interest Personal Loans in Malaysia |

A personal loan from Standard Chartered's CashOne will offer you cash financing and also a credit card. The interest rate is 6.99% and when your loan application is approved, you will also be given a Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card, with the annual fee waived for 5 years. Another unique feature with CashOne is that your monthly loan repayment will automatically be converted into your credit card limit.

For example, Ahmad takes RM25,000 personal loan with CashOne, and after 6 months he has paid RM15,000. The...

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Guide to Flat Rate Interest and Reducing Balance Rate ...

Updated 12 April 2018.

We often stumble across the terms Flat Rate Interest and Reducing Balance Rate when applying for loans , but do you really understand the difference between the two types of interest? Do you know how to calculate them, or do you rely on your banker to do all the calculations for you?

Don't keep yourself in the dark, especially when it involves your finances. Here's our...

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