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Marks and Spencer Credit Cards |

Marks and Spencer Credit Cards

One of Britain's most famous department stores, Marks and Spencer was formed when Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer went into partnership back in 1894. They opened their first store ten years later in Leeds and by the 1920's had adopted their famous policy of only buying directly from suppliers.

They've come a long way since, and now have a range of financial...

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Compare Post Office Credit Cards |

The Post Office Balance Transfer Credit Card

If you've got debt on another credit card but are fed up of only paying back the interest rather than the actual debt, then you could consider transferring what you owe to a balance transfer card.

The Post Office's offers 0% on balance transfer for 37 months - you do have to pay a 2.49% transfer fee and you must make that transfer within three months...

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How to Apply for a Credit Card | Compare the Market

If your application gets declined, don't despair - but definitely don't go and apply for lots more cards. Having multiple credit card applications, especially in a short period, could dent your credit score because providers might view it as high-risk behaviour. So, it's best to work out why you might have been declined before applying for another credit card.

If you have been turned down by a provider, they should be able to give you the main...

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Getting a Current Account with Bad Credit ...

Basic bank accounts are aimed at anyone struggling to open a standard bank account and sometimes they're known as bank accounts for bad credit. Most people are eligible for a basic bank account; unless you've been convicted for fraud, in which case you may find it more difficult as banks reserve the right to not give you an account if you have a fraud conviction.

Some banks will automatically...

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