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Credit Card Builders/Business Credit Building Services ...

Phone: 800-996-0270

I talked my fiancé into paying $2, 500 to join CREDIT CARD BUILDERS because they advertised that they could get anyone $50k-$250k in unsecured, business credit through credit cards. This company came highly recommended by Kimberlee Frank, the Real Estate Junkie, so I felt comfortable having my fiance sign up. My fiance originally signed up through Ari &...

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Date: 2019-04-08 11:28:39

Free Credit Report 360 - Fraud, Review 248185 | Complaints ...

On august 18th, 2009, i was seeking out a way to obtain a free copy of my credit report and credit score. I googled "free credit reports" and many sites were available. One of the sites i clicked on was free credit report 360. I filled out the information requested of me, such as name, address, and so on. . . , then click "continue". The next page i came to was a page asking for my credit / debit...

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HDFC Bank - Credit card complaint, Review 1082138 ...

I am a serving indian army officer. I had opted for a credit card from hdfc bank in the month of july. I have a account in telco branch of hdfc in jamshedpur. My account number is [protected]. But till date I have not received my credit card. Its been 4 months but I have not yet received my credit card. I had plans to go out of the country for some reason which could not materialise due to the...

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Date: 2019-04-08 11:28:39

Mashreq Bank - Credit card recovery procedure, Review ...

Mashreq Bank / credit card recovery procedure

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

May 22, 2017


I am actually a user of Mashreq Bank Cards, in all instances one time in a person life he hits the bottom neck of his life financially. I did. But not to the extent of Running Away or completely skipping of not paying my debts.

I am a minimum pay office worker. Mashreq has offered me a...

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Wly Complete Save - Money taken from my credit card ...

Unauthorized Charges Complete Savings / Complete Save Customer Service money taken from my credit card monthly without authorisation

Wly Complete Save / money taken from my credit card monthly without authorisation

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

Apr 9, 2019

Contact information:

WLY* Complete Save have been taking money fraudulently from my credit card for the last 5 months,...

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Date: 2019-04-09 07:00:08

AT&T Universal Credit Card - Credit card, Review 878605 ...

AT&T Universal Credit Card / credit card

1 Columbus , OH, United States

Contact information:

Here is a letter I sent to my credit card company after attempting to resolve the matter with with no success.

To Whom it may concern:

Attached please find the signed letter regarding my dispute of the charge dated, March 10, 2017. You will also find an additional...

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Date: 2019-04-08 11:28:39

Providian National Bank - They have 3 different collection ...

Phone Directory Products & Services Cleaning Services / Laundry Department Stores Flowers Delivery Photo Services Retail Stores Tobacco Products Public Transportation Airport Shuttles Taxis Traffic Problems Real Estate Apartments Rental Condo and Home Owners Associations Home Insurance / Warranty Landlords Mortgage Companies Timeshares / Vacation Rentals Restaurants & Bars Coffee & Tea Fast Food...

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Date: 2019-04-08 11:28:13

HDFC - credit card payment, Review 31348 | Complaints Board

100% 2


I had lot of grievences on the HDFC credit card No.[protected] , particularly the name printed on this card and many more issues. Anyway, the card got expired in last December 2006, and the dues on this card was settled amicably for an amount of Rs. 6600/- on 23rd july2007 vide ref No. S 0016006 in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi to be paid in 5 monthly shots. The first payment of...

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Microsoft Xbox Live - Complaints Board

Unauthorized Charges Microsoft Corporation Customer Service how to cancel xbox live account: cancel your credit card

Microsoft Xbox Live / how to cancel xbox live account: cancel your credit card

1 United States

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I created an annually-renewing XBox Live account for my son in 2005 using my Bank of America Visa, which was set to expire on 05/07. BofA "upgraded" me shortly before the...

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ABSA Bank - Refusing to close credit card account, Review ...

Credit Cards ABSA Bank Customer Service refusing to close credit card account

ABSA Bank / refusing to close credit card account

1 South Africa

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I am hoping someone can assist me. I had a credit card with ABSA Bank, was in arrears and was subsequently handed over to their legal recoveries department. I then made arrangements to pay off this account and did not miss any payments that...

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