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How to View Your Pre-Qualified & Pre-Approved Credit Card ...

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American Express

American Express makes it extremely easy to get your personalized credit card offer. Get started by navigating to the company's website , then scrolling down to where it says, "Find the Card that's right for you."

You can choose from personal cards, small business cards, corporate cards, or prepaid cards. Assuming you want a credit card for your own use, you would...

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Full List of 163 Comenity Bank Credit Cards (Updated 2019)

Your Tuition Solutions

Why are Comenity Bank credit cards so popular?

Of course, many people enjoy store-specific credit cards because of perks like a large discount on your first purchase or a gift card on your birthday. Many people take out these cards at stores they shop at frequently.

Credit lines start out small around $500, but after making regular purchases and paying off your balance,...

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[Full List] Synchrony Bank Store Credit Cards (Plus Our ...

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Automobile Credit Cards from Synchrony Bank

In addition to retail store cards, Synchrony Bank also offers credit cards for a few specific automobile companies. You can't apply online but must instead visit a brick and mortar location to get one of these cards.

This type of credit card can help you finance purchases such as motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs, and snowmobiles....

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How to Do a Credit Card Balance Transfer [Complete Guide]

Before 2009 financial regulations were introduced to block banks from levying certain fees, it was possible to find 0% balance transfer credit cards with little or no fees. While this is no longer the case, it is possible to negotiate with the credit card company to get the transfer fee reduced or eliminated altogether.

If you are shopping around for a good rate, it's a good idea to call the...

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Best Non-ChexSystems & Second Chance Checking Accounts

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Why You Need a Non-ChexSystems or Second Chance Account

A non-ChexSystems or second change bank account can be helpful to have even if you already have another bank account.

Why? Banks and credit unions participating in ChexSystems may conduct a sweep of all existing customers and freeze any accounts of individuals who have had a record created.

This can be extremely troublesome if...

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8 Ways to Build Strong Credit Without Credit Cards in 2019

11 8. Secured Credit Card

How is a credit score is established?

Before you can begin to raise your credit score, it first takes an awareness of what is actually used to determine your credit score.

If you're a seasoned vet when it comes to credit scores, it's probably safe for you to move on to the next part. However, if you're new to the credit scene and just beginning to wrap your brain around...

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How to Remove Collections from Your Credit Report in 2019

Remove Collections from Your Credit Report?

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What are the most common accounts that get sent to collections?

Some of the most common accounts are local utility and cable/satellite services like Comcast, Cox, Dish, DirecTV, and Time Warner. We also see a lot of cell phone services like Verizon , Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and...

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How to Get Late Payments Removed from Your Credit Report

How do late payments affect your credit score?

Having just one delinquent account on your credit report can be devastating to your credit scores.

Whether it's a late car payment, credit card payment, or mortgage payment, a recent late payment can cause as much as a 90-110 point drop on your FICO score.

As time goes on, the late payment will impact your credit score less and less until it drops...

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Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection by State

Which jurisdiction is my credit card debt subject to?

While you should speak with a paralegal or lawyer about specific questions, the jurisdiction determines the statute of limitations.

In most cases, it will fall under the jurisdiction where you signed the credit application or credit card agreement. However, in some cases, it could be in the state where you live now. Each of the 50 states and...

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How to Remove Charge Offs from Your Credit Report (See Proof)

What is a charge-off?

A charge-off occurs when you are seriously delinquent in paying an account. Typically, an item is only listed as a charge-off on a credit report once it's over 180 days late. In simple terms, when one occurs, your creditor lists the account as not being collectible.

Creditors list bad debts owed as a charge-off primarily for tax reasons, so the amounts owed can be counted as...

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