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2016 Outlook In-Depth: U.S. Consumer Credit Cards

The slow but steady climb that the U.S. consumer credit card industry has made back to prerecession performance levels will continue in 2016. Purchase volumes on general purpose credit cards will continue to increase, along with delinquency and charge-off rates, as issuers loosen their underwriting standards and consumers take on greater levels of debt. The massive investments made by issuers and...

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The 2019 Credit Card Data Book: Key Indicators of a ...

The 2019 Credit Card Data Book: Key Indicators of a Slowing Market, the latest edition of Mercator Advisory Group's annual compilation of 12 essential credit card metrics has been released. The report, which provides a view of credit card portfolio volumes, household debt, and open accounts, projects credit risk and revenue results into the next decade.

Readers will get a deeper understanding of credit risk in this year's report along with a detailed explanation of how the credit card delinquency process works. Early and late delinquencies have a direct impact on credit card profitability, which is expressed through the return on assets (ROA)...

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Credit - Service Areas - Mercator Advisory Group

Mercator Advisory Group's Credit Advisory Service (CAS) focuses on the needs of credit issuers, acquirers and processors, and the vendors and investors who serve them. The emphasis of this service is the consumer and business "pay later" payment methods involving the extension of credit, examining the impact of technology and the...

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