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Understanding Credit Card Pre-Authorizations

Understanding Credit Card Pre-Authorizations

It's surprising how many merchants do not seem to understand or take advantage of the benefits of credit card pre-authorizations.

Pre-authorizations can vastly reduce fraud, processing costs, and improve customer satisfaction. If you offered a typical online merchant access to a tool that would provide any of the above benefits most would jump on the...

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The lowest rate in the industry for high volume merchants.

The advanced program is best for merchants that process more than $10,000 in sales per month. You'll receive the lowest processing rate possible because it will be tied back to true interchange cost as set by Visa and Mastercard.

Provides the lowest possible discount rate.

Process and receive funds in any global payment...

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Accept Credit Cards with a Virtual Terminal

Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to process credit cards.

A virtual terminal is a secure web page that lets you process credit card transactions.

You log into your virtual terminal using a regular web browser. Type in the credit card number, the amount and customer name, and then hit the submit button. The payment is completely secure and you...

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Credit Card Processing - Merchant Accounts for Online Payments

Credit card processing in any payment currency.

You'll receive everything needed to process credit cards in U.S dollars, Canadian dollars, or any currency of your choice. We include both the merchant account and secure payment gateway as a complete bundled solution with everything you need to process payments. From an integration standpoint you can connect your website to our payment processing...

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Merchant - Credit Card Processing for Online ...

We're Canada's longest established provider of multi-currency merchant accounts and e-commerce payment processing.

I need credit card processing for my website

Process Visa, MasterCard and AMEX on your website. Integrating is easy and you can get started quickly.

I need to process phone, fax and mobile orders

Process Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments using your computer, laptop and mobile device.

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Merchant accounts for any global payment currency.

You can collect payments from customers all over the world in any currency of your choice. You receive everything needed to accept credit cards online and by phone. We include both the...

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