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Squash your credit card debt quickly in the new year

MANY Australians will have arrived in 2018 armed with hefty credit card debt that could cause financial heartache if not reined in.

The damage from the festive season has already been done, but the full extent may not be realised until credit card statements begin to roll in. Starting a brand new year off in the red can be demoralising, even though as a nation we are no strangers to debt --...

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Credit cards, home loans changes 2017: Australians in the dark

Should you get a credit card?1:23

David Koch on whether you should get a credit card.

January 6th 2017

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Credit score providers will soon have access to even more information.Source:istock

NEW rules affecting every Australian applying for credit cards, loans or mortgages will soon kick in, but most people don't even know about...

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ANZ and Westpac must give money back to credit card users


Westpac and ANZ hands back millions of dollars to credit card customers

TWO of the nation's largest financial institutions have been forced to hand back money to credit card customers after a massive stuff-up. Here's how to get your cash back.


News Corp Australia NetworkFebruary 7, 201812:24pm

Westpac refunded customers which included around $3 million for fees and interest on top of waiving about $8.3 million in credit card balances.Source:Supplied

TWO of the nation's biggest banks -- Westpac and ANZ -- have been forced to refund thousands...

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