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Which Credit Cards are Good for Students? | NimbleFins

The HSBC Student Credit Card is a great first credit card for students, provided you have (or open) a HSBC student current account. There is no income requirement (the balance in your current account shows you have the means to pay your bills) nor a minimum credit history to be accepted. You only need to be a UK resident and 18 (like all other cards mentioned on this page) and be a student. One...

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Date: 2019-03-24 10:04:22

Santander Zero Review: No Fees. | NimbleFins

18.9% on purchases, cash transactions and balance transfers

Retailer Offers

Customers have access to Santander's Retailer Offers, which provide up to 15% off at various and changing retail partners, such as supermarkets, entertainment, food, services, and more. While Santander doesn't advertise the retailers, we have heard reports of recent offers from car rental agencies and JD Sports, for...

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Date: 2019-03-19 14:46:22

Lloyds Avios Rewards Credit Card: Earn Upgrade Voucher ...

As the Lloyds Bank Avios Credit Card is no longer available, please refer to our Best Air Rewards Cards or Best No-Foreign-Transaction-Fees Cards to learn about cards with comparable features.

The Lloyds Bank Avios Rewards card delivers Avios points on your credit card spending, plus the potential for a free upgrade voucher each year. The Lloyds Avios card is a travel card --that is, there is no...

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Date: 2019-03-24 11:50:40

Aqua Classic Credit Card Review: The Most Popular Aqua ...



Credit Limit Increases: Initial Aqua Classic credit limits fall between £250 and £1,200. A lower credit limit can be a bit safer for those looking to keep up with monthly payments, especially those trying to pay the full balance every month.

After three to four months with the card, Aqua may reevaluate your situation. By properly managing your account (i.e., paying on time and...

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Date: 2019-04-10 05:35:57

Aqua Reward Credit Card Review: The Best Perks for Weak ...



By carrying a balance from month to month, you would continue to lose money through interest payments. Anyone who can't pay off balances month to month might want to consider a 0% purchases card or a low rate card, like the AA Low Rate Credit Card .

Using the Aqua Rewards Card Abroad: With no FX fees , the Aqua Rewards card can be used for purchases abroad (as can the Aqua Advance...

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Date: 2019-04-10 05:36:14

Halifax Balance Transfer Credit Card Review: Some of the ...

The Halifax Balance Transfer Credit Card facilitates balance transfers from other interest-charging credit card accounts. Like most balance transfer cards, Halifax offers consumers a 0% introductory period on balance transfers and charges a fee for doing so. Generally speaking, the longer the 0% intro period, the higher the fee.

The Halifax cards charge a reduced balance transfer fee when you...

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Marbles Credit Card Review: The Credit Builder Card for You ...

£1,000 (pay off full balance by next payment date)



The following charts show how long it will take to pay back a £1,000 balance on a credit card charging 33.8% APR and how much interest you'd pay along the way. You can see how costly making minimum monthly payments can be.

Time to Become Debt Free Depends on Monthly Payments

Total Interest Paid Decreases as Monthly Payments Increase


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Date: 2019-03-24 10:27:54

Chrome Credit Card by Vanquis: A Good Credit Builder Card for ...

Foreign Credit Card Transactions (e.g., purchases, paying for a meal at a restaurant, etc.)


Minimum Monthly Payments: To give you a general idea of what to expect to pay each month, the minimum monthly payment is calculated as the highest of:

1. 4.5% of the balance owing on your Account as at the statement date plus any amount by which your Account is in arrears; or

2. Any interest/minimum...

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Date: 2019-03-24 10:28:30

Average Household Debt in the UK | NimbleFins

Average Credit Card Debt

The mean credit card debt of UK households is approximately £2,457, according to the most recent data from the Bank of England and the Office for National Statistics. This information comes from data collected up through the end of December 2016. The "mean amount of credit card debt" considers balances that individuals above the age of 18 have on average, throughout the year.

Outstanding Credit Card Debt per UK Household

Average Debt across Demographics

Average debt can vary significantly across different...

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Date: 2019-03-24 05:53:59

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