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3 top cash-back credit cards compared | Toronto Star

Travel reward credit cards: Despite marketing and hype cash back card can offer better value for some people

Many rewards credit cards have changed the rules. Cash-back may be the way to go for some people.

By Robb Engen Special to the Star

Tues., March 18, 2014

Despite all the marketing around travel rewards credit cards, a cash back credit card can offer better value than collecting points for...

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U.S. shopping: Is cash or a credit card best? | Toronto Star

U.S. shopping: Is cash or a credit card best?

Is cash, credit or a U.S. dollar bank account best when cross-border shopping? It all depends.

By Madhavi Acharya-Tom YewBusiness Reporter

Sun., May 22, 2011

When Toronto teacher Michael Bennett goes shopping in Buffalo he uses his Canadian credit...

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Top credit card picks for 2018 | Toronto Star

Credit cards are a fact of life and depending on your point of view they're either a necessary evil or a useful tool for building credit and earning rewards. I prefer the latter, which is why I'm always on the lookout for the best credit card offers.

But with seemingly hundreds of credit cards on the market aimed at everyone from low-income college students to high-rolling frequent fliers, it's...

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How credit card fees for merchants work | Toronto Star

On a $100 item, for example, the merchant could pay a fee of between $1.50 and $3.

The merchant discount fee covers a number of things, such as terminal rentals, fraud protection and transaction slips. But the biggest component of it is based on the interchange rate, which is set by the credit card companies.

In a complicated twist, the credit card companies don't make any money from the...

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Roseman: PC Financial forces credit card upgrade | The Star

John Richards has a President's Choice Financial MasterCard that expires in March 2013. He wants to keep using it, but he has to switch to a new credit card with extra PC rewards.

"I can't see any value in these so-called benefits. I asked them to honour my existing card up to its expiry date, but they claim they can't do this," he says.

"They are pushing so hard that I smell a rat."

He and his...

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RBC drops rate on line of credit | The Star

RBC drops rate on line of credit


Wed., Oct. 21, 2009

Residential mortgage rates may have risen in recent weeks, but Canada's largest bank is dropping interest rates on another wildly popular consumer loan.

Royal Bank of Canada says it plans to reduce the rate on its "RBC Homeline Plan" line of credit by 0.40 per cent to 2.75 per cent, effective Thursday. The new...

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