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Bank Card Glossary - UK Cards Association


Account holder

The person or persons responsible for paying the amounts charged to the account. A person can be allowed to use a credit card as an authorized user but not be legally liable for the debt.

Account number

An Issuer-assigned number that identifies an account in order to post a transaction. Each different account has a unique number attached to it.


A bank or other financial...

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EU rule change 2014 - The Home of UK Card Payments

The proposed changes would place a cap on the "interchange fee" - paid by retailers on card transactions as their contribution to the card payments system which provides them with benefits such as guaranteed payments and security from fraud. The reduced income from retailers will mean that the substantial costs of providing cards, and the systems which enable customers to pay for things safely...

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Statistics On The UK Card Payment Industry|The UK Cards ...

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Facts and figures

We are the reference point for industry-wide data and intelligence. Published data includes monthly Debit Card Reports, Card Expenditure Statistics (CES), quarterly Market Trends Reports and twice-yearly card fraud figures. Regular statistics provide current data on consumer spending on cards, fraud levels and market growth and development.

2017 facts and figures

A quick link to the 2017 statistics. This will include card expenditure statistics and will soon have Quarterly Market Trends, credit and charge card figures, debit card reports and internet card use.

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2016 facts and figures

A quick link to the...

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Chargeback for credit and debit card purchases

Chargeback claims should be addressed to your debit or credit card issuer, who in turn will put in a request to the retailer's bank.

The process for managing chargeback claims is determined by a set of rules from American Express, MasterCard or Visa.

There are no guarantees your issuer will be able to recover the money through chargeback or that the trader will accept that you were justified in...

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Contactless security - The Home of UK Card Payments

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How secure are contactless card payments?

Find out how contactless is a secure way to pay and get the answers to common misconceptions.


Facts about contactless payments

There's been a huge rise in the use of contactless cards in the UK. One in four card payments are now contactless, totalling more than £3.3 billion every month.

However with every new technology, myths develop...

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Card Not Present Transactions - UK Cards Association

Understand what a remote purchase CNP is and what the transactions can be used for.

What is a Card-not-present transaction?

A remote purchase card-not-present (remote purchase CNP) transaction is one where the cardholder and the card are not present at the point-of-sale. Alternatively, when both the cardholder and card are present the transaction referred to as a present transaction.


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How can I comply with the PCI DSS? - The UK Cards Association

The first thing a merchant needs to do is to fully understand how card payments are processed in your organisation. In particular if your e-commerce environment is capturing, storing, processing or transmitting card data then think very carefully whether this is really necessary?

A fully hosted solution

The most secure approach to processing e-commerce transactions is to outsource your card...

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Accepting Contactless cards - The UK Cards Association

Accepting Contactless cards

Card payment terminals

If you don't currently accept card payments, you will need to speak to a company that processes card transactions, known as a card acquirer. A list of acquirers is here

You need to establish whether your payment terminal is capable of accepting contactless payments. It is likely that the terminal screen will display the contactless symbol if...

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