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What to Do After a Data Breach: A Step-by-Step Guide

Has a company with which you've done business been hacked? Have you received a notice informing you that your personal information, or your credit-card number, was stolen in a data breach?

Credit: ShutterstockIf so, you're definitely not alone. In the past few years, dozens of companies, including Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, Michael's Stores, LinkedIn, Starwood Hotels and the giant health...

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Identity Theft vs. Credit Card Theft: What's the Difference?


Feb 21, 2017

Living in an increasingly digital world is great for comfort and convenience, but there's a downside to greater reach in the digital realm: It creates new avenues for theft and fraud.

Credit: NikP/Shutterstock

"Data theft, for both companies and individuals, is one of the top security concerns for 2017," said Garit Boothe, a technology specialist at Frontier Communications....

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How to Buy Stolen Credit Cards from the 'Amazon of ...

Feb 27, 2014, 10:04 AM

The main Valid Shop search screen. Credit: Easy Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO -- It's as easy to buy stolen credit cards online as it is to shop at, a security company demonstrated at the RSA security conference here Wednesday (Feb. 26).

Ricardo Villadiego, founder and CEO of Sunrise, Fla.-based Easy Solutions, showed a reporter how he could log into a "carder" site...

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How to Buy From Amazon Without a Credit Card - Amazon ...

Amazon generally prefers that shoppers pay with a credit card, but if a shopper does not have a credit card or does not wish to enter their card online, there are other ways to pay. To find out how to buy from Amazon without using a credit card, check out our recommendations below:

1. Checking account- When you get to the billing part of the checkout, click on...

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Date: 2018-03-27 02:30:57

How to Get Up to $20 Free iTunes Credit From Apple

Until March 14, Apple is giving users a 10 percent bonus on any credit they add to their Apple ID accounts.

Credit: AppleYou can spend this money in either the App Store, iCloud or iTunes, so if you're a long-term Apple user, you'll easily get the use out of the additional...

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The Light Phone 2 Is the Ultimate Anti-Phone - Tom's Guide


Mar 2, 2018

Three years ago, a Brooklyn-based startup called Light set out to solve a problem: How can we disconnect from our smartphones when we need to?

The company's solution was the Light Phone -- a credit card-sized device with the ability to make calls and do nothing else. After shipping about 10,000 devices since its initial Kickstarter campaign, Light has returned with a successor...

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Best Food Delivery Apps - Tom's Guide: Tech Product ...

Limited to one cuisine per search

Payment Methods

PayPal, Google Wallet, cash, major U.S. credit cards

Order Tracking

U.S. Cities Where Available


Eat24 features its parent company Yelp's user-generated photos and reviews, which are so rich in quantity that none of the competing apps can compare. Like GrubHub, Eat24 accepts credit cards, PayPal and cash. While it has a lot of...

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