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What is a Credit Card Balance Transfer? (with pictures)


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I use a credit card from citigroup. They offered a zero percent balance transfer, which I utilized. However, they are charging me 50 cents "minimal charge" because I have a recurring charge that I pay off in FULL even before the grace period ends on that particular recurring charge.

They tell me that the reason for that is because of the balance on the account from the 0...

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What is a Good Interest Rate on a Credit Card? (with pictures)


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I have a credit card that has 0.00 percent interest. It was an introductory rate that has never changed. I've had the card for maybe 10 years and never paid any interest. I absolutely carry balances from month to month. My max credit is $15k. I think the most I've carried was about $5k - it took maybe a year to pay that down. Other than no interest rate, it has no other...

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What is a Finance Charge? (with pictures) -


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Is it legal for a loan company to charge 80 percent interest on a loan? The loan was $1250 and the finance charge was $610, which came to a total of $1860 to pay back.


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My mother financed a hot tub through aquavantage financing approximately 13 years ago for a total of $7,000. I myself submitted the payment monthly for about five years until my mother took...

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What is a Credit Card Terminal? (with pictures) -

A credit card terminal is a device that business owners who specialize in retail sales find very handy. This small machine comes in a few different forms, but all have the same purpose: to authenticate the credit cards handed over by customers in order to pay for goods and/or services.

The primary purpose of a credit card terminal is the protection of the retailer who employs it. If a retailer...

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What is a Virtual Credit Card? -

A virtual credit card , also known as a throwaway or temporary credit card, is a disposable payment card used for one-time purchases on the Internet. It consists of a single-use credit card number generated by the credit card issuer. In most cases, virtual credit card numbers can only be used once, and will expire after about a month if not used; this setup helps protects the user from online...

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What Is a Credit Card Receipt? (with pictures) -

A credit card receipt is an acknowledgment given by a vendor, merchant or bank to credit card holders in exchange for a payment or a purchase made with a credit card. Typically, a credit card receipt is a small piece of paper that records the amount of the transaction, the day that it occurred and the name or store number of the merchant or bank that accepted the payment. Credit card receipts...

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How do I Find my Credit Card CVV Number? (with pictures)


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@Pharaoh - Actually I think the system is pretty good for protecting people from credit card fraud. If someone physically steals your credit card, you'll probably find out about it quickly. But if someone obtains your credit card number and you still have the card, it could be awhile before you realize your information has been stolen.


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I always find it kind of...

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Why do Credit Cards get Demagnetized? (with pictures)

Can you see through these real-life optical illusions?

Credit cards, along with many identity cards and access cards, have a magnetic strip on their reverse side that contains information about the card and card holder. If this strip is demagnetized, the card will become useless in a card reader, regardless as to whether or not it is valid. A number of objects in daily life can demagnetize a...

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What Is a Guaranteed Reservation? (with pictures)

In short, a guaranteed reservation is an agreement between both parties that, no matter what circumstances occur and no matter what standing policies or usual limitations might apply, the guest will have a room and the hotel will receive payment.

Each hotel has its own policies regarding payment requirements for various reservation types, including guaranteed accommodations. Some hotels only...

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What is a SIM Card? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a portable memory chip used mostly in cell phones that operate on the Global System for Mobile Communications ( GSM ) network. These cards hold the personal information of the account holder, including his or her phone number, address book, text messages, and other data. When a user wants to change phones, he or she can usually easily remove the card...

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