Black Card (Mastercard) - Wikipedia

Features[ edit ]

Holders of the stainless steel card receive membership perks including cash-back bonuses, a 24/7 concierge service, gifts, worldwide acceptance, and Luxury Magazine, a members-only quarterly magazine in print and digital form, [2] [3] [4] similar to AmEx's Black Card's Black Ink and Centurion magazines.

The concierge service [5] offers a wide variety of services including...

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Black Card Credit Score | Credit Score For Black Card ...

Black Card Credit Score

The American Express Centurion Credit Card, also known as the "Black Card," is for the ultra exclusive crowd that must spend at least $250,000 annually and pay a $2,500 yearly membership fee.  Many people want this card, but only a few will meet the credit score requirements.  Applicants that qualify for an American Express Centurion must have at least a 720 credit...

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Black Card Requirements | Black Credit Card

Black Card Requirements

The Black card is considered the credit card for the elite.  Individuals that have high net worth, high monthly income, and have a pattern of spending in the six figure range a month may be eligible to receive a Black card.  It is extremely difficult to qualify for a black card, since you must have the above requirements along with a very high credit score.

There isn't...

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What Is a Titanium Credit Card? |

What Is a Titanium Credit Card?

January 25, 2011

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The American Express Centurion card is sometimes called the "titanium card." The titanium card is an invitation-only card that comes with a wealth of benefits and no interest rate. Since the card is by invitation only, it remains rare. In addition to the benefits and prestige of the card, the titanium card feels heavier than most...

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Custom Metal Credit Cards

No Applications &�No Annual Fees

Upgrade Any Plastic Debit|Credit Card to Metal

Watch Welcome Video Below

A credit card so unique to you - trust us when we say you'll never want to lose it -VET

Call Us Today for more Information: 866.523.2747

We are the world's first online�service upgrading plastic debit|credit cards to metal.�As well as the only service of its kind to be accredited by the...

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How the interchange cap will affect credit card frequent ...

by Chris Chamberlin | May 30, 2016

The number of Qantas and Virgin Australia frequent flyer points that you can earn via credit card spending is likely to plummet next year.

It's an unwelcome side effect of new government regulations, imposed by the�Reserve Bank of Australia,�to limit the fees charged to businesses to process credit card payments.

While that should lead to generally lower...

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Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Credit Card From AmEx Review

The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express may look like any other travel card, but peel back a layer, dig a little deeper, and it really is one of the more valuable travel cards in the Canadian market - for hotels and flights.

We did the math and made a discovery: the SPG card has one of the highest earn rates in Canada. Moreover, while it's certainly a hotel credit card, its...

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The American Express Centurion Black Card: Is It Worth It ...

Travel Secrets of the World's Most Exclusive Credit Card

Alison Czinkota

The invitation-only card costs $10,000 and doesn't even come with a sign-up bonus.

Brian Kelly

April 13, 2016

In�On Points,�Brian Kelly, founder of� The Points Guy, �shares his strategies for getting the most out of your points and miles.

Can a $10,000 credit card possibly be worth it?

I'm referring to the American...

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The 7 best rewards credit cards of 2016 in Australia - Mozo

The 7 best rewards credit cards of 2016 in Australia

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Article by Rebeccah Elley

If you've had the same old rewards credit card kicking around in your wallet for some time now, chances are it's not delivering the value it used to.�

While�a number of�popular rewards cards have had�their value slashed in recent months, it's not all doom and gloom for rewards lovers....

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Centurion Card | Visa Black Card - Luxury Credit Cards

Centurion Concierge Site: Travel Insights

You can see where the American Express Concierge's are sending Centurion Cardholders when they need to book a dinner, vacation, or just something fun to do! Here's a link to the site TRAVEL INSIGHTS from American Express Centurion:

Centurion Card Members Favorite Spots in Los Angeles...

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These credit cards get you Qantas Club airport lounge access

by Chris Chamberlin | July 14, 2017

You'd normally need a business class ticket or a Gold frequent flyer card to get through the door at one of Qantas' many Australian and international airport lounges - but if your wallet packs the right credit card, this can also be your Golden Ticket to the Qantas Club lounges.

That's because some cards provide complimentary airport lounge access as one of...

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AmEx “Black” Centurion Vs. Platinum Card: Here's How To ...

Since its launch in 1999, the American Express Centurion card has garnered a cult following and cemented itself as being the ultimate status symbol in the credit card world. Initially, the card carried a $1,000 annual fee and was invite only.

Three years later that fee was increased to $2,500. As if that wasn't enough, in 2007 AmEx decided to tack on a $5,000 initiation fee for new memberships...

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Which Airmiles Credit Card Is The Best In The UK?



Even the worst UK credit card earns you enough points for a short-haul reward flight with AVIOS.

Alternatively, with an earnings rate of 3 AVIOS rewards per £1 of spend (see Virgin Black and British Airways Premium cards ), that same spending earns over 40,000 in AVIOS. That puts you well on the way to funding a long haul flight in business class when booked with a companion...

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Best Cashback Credit Cards in Malaysia - Compare and apply ...

Tutorials to help you save money

Learn how to manage your money with our collection of online tutorials.

Everything you need to know about Insurance

Let the Experts teach you about Insurance

Cashback credit cards

Best Cashback Credit Cards in Malaysia

Cashback credit cards convert money you spend into rebates. If you have a big credit card bill every month look for uncapped cashback promotions,...

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Credit Cards in the Netherlands - Amsterdam Tips


Credit Cards in the Netherlands

The use of credit cards in the Netherlands is not as well established as elsewhere with most payments being made by cash, debit cards or via internet banking. The thrifty Dutch have much less of a consumer debt culture than say US, UK or Australia and many shops in Holland still do not accept credit card...

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Best Credit Cards for Airport Lounge Access in India ...

Airport lounge access is something which everyone desires but not everyone can afford it. One of the easiest ways to get airport lounge access is through your credit card. Many credit cards offer complimentary Priority Pass Program (worth $99) which gives you access to over 500 airport lounges all over the globe. Visa/Mastercard/American Express also provide airport lounge access across select...

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Qantas Frequent Flyer Credit Cards - Compare at CreditCard ...

Qantas Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

Last updated March 2, 2018

For any Frequent Flyer, Qantas' American Express range offers competitive choices in credit cards. With a range of premium credit cards for anyone who's business is travelling or looking to make travelling their business, Qantas stands out with offers like free travel insurance, thousands of points on sign up and points back on every...

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HSBC Platinum Qantas Visa - Frequent Flyer Credit Card Review

Earn up to 1 Qantas Point per $1 of everyday Visa spend

Bonus points on Qantas flights, Qantas Club membership

What's Not

Low points tiering threshold of $2,500/month plus a monthly cap of 7,500 Qantas Points

No points are earned on any government transactions


60,000 bonus Qantas Points for eligible new cardholders


Offering up to one Qantas Point per dollar spent where Visa...

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Business Credit Cards | Comparison & Reviews

Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

Dedicated business credit cards offer many tools personal credit cards don't have. They can save you money, help track expenses and simplify taxes.


American Express Business Explorer Credit Card

Receive 100,000 points when you apply by 29th Mar 2018, are approved and spend $3,000 on your card within the first 3 months.

Earn 50,000 business...

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Highest Qantas Point earning credit cards - Amex, Visa ...

The Qantas American Express Ultimate has 100,000 bonus Qantas Points on offer. It's one of the highest earning Qantas Point cards and comes with a $450 Qantas travel credit plus a range of premium travel benefits.

100,000 Qantas Points for new applicants

$450 Qantas travel credit each cardholder year

Free access to the Sydney/Melbourne Airport American Express lounge twice a year

Free access to...

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Which Aeroplan Credit Card is REALLY Best?

Which Aeroplan Credit Card is REALLY Best?

May 30, 2017 by Stephen Weyman

Air Canada just dropped a big bombshell by announcing that they are clipping Aeroplan's wings by removing it as their official rewards program in 2020.

Aeroplan was in fact an invention of Air Canada themselves but was first spun off as a separate company and then completely sold to Amia�in 2008. Since then, they've...

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MasterCard vs. Visa: Which Has Better Concierge Service ...

Today, there are many credit cards that offer free personal concierge service, which helps cardholders perform various tasks and acts almost as a personal assistant. We decided to pick the two largest card brands -- MasterCard and Visa -- and compared their concierge services.

A week-long trip to Hawaii is probably a very common vacation for many Americans, including myself. So, I proposed that...

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A Guide To Credit Card Benefits - Credit Card Insider

What are Credit Card "Benefits"?

Credit cards typically come with benefits, which are extra features that may:

provide protections on purchases, like extended warranties on electronics

offer insurance or special access while traveling, like collision insurance on rental cars or airport lounge access

make your life easier, like concierge services to help you buy tickets or book reservations at...

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Target credit card hack: What you need to know - Dec. 22, 2013

Target credit card hack: What you need to know

by Gregory Wallace � @gregorywallace December 23, 2013: 11:43 AM ET

Who hacked Target?

The major hack of discount retailer Target that stole credit and debit card data from 40 million accounts was still reverberating several days later.

Target ( TGT ) acknowledged the hack on Thursday -- three weeks after customer data was first scooped up on Black...

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What are Merchant Services? | Fidelity Payment Services

Merchant Services, or better known as credit card processing is the handling of electronic payment transactions for merchants. Merchant processing activities involve obtaining sales information from the merchant, receiving authorization for the transaction, collecting funds from the bank which issued the credit card, and sending payment to the merchant.

Back in the good old days, when life was...

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VORT Corporation :: Customer Service

Shipping and Delivery).

Rush Orders (U.S. Only): (see below under Shipping and Delivery).

Non-U.S. Orders: Our online store accepts only U.S.-issued credit cards.

For non-U.S. orders, which must be prepaid, please follow these steps:

1. Place the order: Print and complete our Order Form (write clearly in black ink) and fax or mail it. Do not include payment or credit card...

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Magnetic stripe card - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

The first prototype of magnetic stripe card created by IBM in the late 1960s. A stripe of cellophane magnetic tape is fixed to a piece of cardboard with clear adhesive tape

Magnetic storage was known from World War II and computer data storage in the 1950s. [2]

In 1969 Forrest Parry , an IBM engineer, had the idea of securing a piece of magnetic tape, the predominant storage...

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Jackson Hewitt Prepaid Card FAQs | American Express Serve

Travelers checks not issued by American Express

Checks that aren't made out to you

Why is the app requesting I take a picture of my government-issued ID?

You may be required to validate your identity by taking a photo of the front and back of your ID and a photo of yourself.

Why is my personal information required to use Mobile Check Capture? What information is shared?

In order to use Mobile...

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China UnionPay - Wikipedia

Until the beginning of 2009 dual-currency credit card banks began to gradually replace the use of new UnionPay logo.

QuickPass[ edit ]

Quick Pass Logo

Upon the introduction of EMV chips into China UnionPay cards, [8] banks also introduced QuickPass ( Chinese : ) a Contactless smart card feature similar to MasterCard's PayPass or Visa's payWave. The QuickPass can work within many supermarkets and...

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The best credit cards for international travellers ...

by Chris Chamberlin | July 30, 2014

When it comes to spending abroad, not all credit cards are created equal.

It's easy to be stung by international transaction fees upwards of 3.4%, but a few cards charm and delight travellers with either no forex fees or bonus frequent flyer points on their foreign spend.

Depending on how much coin you drop and how many points you'd like to pocket, chances are...

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Get Price Drop Refunds with Credit Card Price Protection ...


For the past several years, we've all been enjoying an informal purchase protection policy at , which would refund you if the price dropped 7 - 30 days after the purchase date.

This is especially important during the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals week when prices can drop 10-50% in a matter of days. Recently, Amazon changed its policy and despite an outcry from...

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Qantas Premier Mastercard (Qantas Money, issued by ...

Qantas Premier Mastercard offers an additional Qantas Point per dollar spent on things like Qantas flights and Qantas Club memberships, as found with many other Qantas-earning credit cards, but that this bonus also applies to Qantas epiQure wine purchases too, which is less-standard.

However, it's unfortunate that the higher earn rate on international transactions only applies when paying in a...

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Payment, Financing, Refunds and VAT - Shopping Help - Apple


U.S. Sales and Refund Policy

Thanks for shopping at Apple. We appreciate the fact that you like to buy the cool stuff we build. We also want to make sure you have a rewarding experience while you're exploring, evaluating, and purchasing our products, whether you're at the Apple Online Store, in an Apple Retail Store, or on the phone with the Apple...

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Deep Sea Fishing Charters Hernando Beach, Offshore Fishing ...

Hernando Beach Nearshore Fishing Trips, Inshore Flats Fishing


Offshore Bottom Fishing & Deep Sea Charter Fishing Service

4477 Calienta Street In Hernando Beach, Florida 34607

Of Spring Hill (Brooksville), Florida

OFFICE (352) 686-0853 or (352) 238-9339

1/2 & 3/4 & Full Day Quality Spring Hill Fishing Charters out of Weeki Wachee, Florida

Specializing in Guided Inshore & Offshore Deep Sea Light...

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AAA IDP International Driving Permit

Planning to rent a car and venturing out into the world on your own? Plan to obtain an International Driving Permit before you go.

Why Carry an IDP?

Your IDP is a valid form of identification in 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information. It translates your identification information into 10 languages -- so it speaks the language even if you don't. Most...

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Credit Card Chargeback Merchant Rights & Strategies Discussion

If a business starts accepting credit and/or debit cards for payment, inevitably it will get a chargeback, and for any business chargeback becomes a dirty word.   Each card network -- Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express -- has its own rules, codes, and jargon which make the process challenging to navigate.  At the beginning it seems daunting, but with some knowledge and fine-tuned...

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Credit card offers to know about this month - Point Hacks

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The St.George Amplify Signature Visa , along with Bank of Melbourne and BankSA, is offering 90,000 bonus Qantas Points or Amplify points for new applicants and comes with a $279 annual fee. Included are two complimentary airport lounge passes each year plus a unique 'birthday bonus' that gets you 10% bonus on all points earned from the...

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