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ANZ Card Manager

Temporarily block EFTPOS, debit and personal credit cards, manage your PIN or report and replace lost or stolen cards, all through ANZ Internet Banking and goMoney.

Manage your ANZ credit card online

Manage card PIN

Set or change your card...

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Pay and transfer | ANZ Internet Banking help

ANZ Internet Banking?

ANZ Internet Banking allows you to manage your everyday banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can make a range of payments and transfers online.

Pay Anyone: transfer money to any Australian Financial Institution (bank, building society, credit union).

Pay BPAY® bill: pay your bills online via BPAY®. Make one-off payments or schedule recurring payments.

Pay ANZ Credit Card: pay your ANZ Credit Card online. Make one-off payment or schedule minimum monthly, set monthly or full closing balance payments.

Transfer between my accounts: transfer your money between your linked ANZ accounts.

View online bills: view and file...

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Card accounts | ANZ Internet Banking help

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about card accounts.

How can I view my credit card statement?

You can view your online statements by going to the Home page and selecting "View Statements".

How do I link my ANZ Credit Card account to ANZ Internet Banking?

You may link a credit card to your ANZ Internet Banking in one of the three ways below:

Use the "Link/delink a personal...

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Credit Card | Apply Online | ANZ

Apply online for an ANZ credit card today. It takes just 10 - 15 minutes.

What happens now

We will ask you some details covering your income, assets and expenses.

What happens after

A Personal Banker will contact you within 1-2 working days to let you know whether your application has been successful. In some cases we may need to request additional information from you.

Once an application is approved, you can then choose your credit limit up to the...

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Change my credit card limit | ANZ Internet Banking help

Find out more about ANZ

To change your ANZ Credit Card limit:

Go to the Home page, which�is the first page you see when you log on to ANZ Internet Banking

Select your credit card account

Select "Increase your credit limit" from the account actions and follow the steps below.

Before requesting a credit limit change

To increase your credit limit you must be the primary credit card holder.


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About internet banking | Register for online banking | ANZ

Protection against fraud

If you're a victim of fraud where someone accessed and used ANZ goMoney, Internet Banking, Phone Banking or your card without your authority, talk to us immediately and we'll look at how we can help. We'll reimburse you if you didn't act fraudulently or negligently, didn't contribute to the loss, took reasonable steps to protect your banking and complied with our...

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Pay BPAY bills | ANZ Internet Banking help


Can I make a bill payment with my ANZ Credit Card?

Bill payments from your ANZ Credit Card can be processed as either a purchase or cash advance . This is dependent upon how the biller is set up with the BPAY® billing service. The biller has the option of accepting a credit card as a method of payment.

If the biller chooses to accept, the bill payment is processed as a purchase


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Date: 2018-05-14 12:14:04

Download my transactions | ANZ Internet Banking help


Phoenix Gateway

If you do not have one of these software packages, you may still download the transactions to your computer as CSV file . This file can be opened by a plain text editor like notepad or Microsoft Excel.

Can I download transactions from before I registered for ANZ Internet Banking?

For transactions not visible on ANZ Internet Banking, refer to your paper statements or online statements

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What information does my transactions list show?

The transactions tab shows the list of transactions carried out on a particular account for the date range selected. It...

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ANZ Visa Debit card | ANZ

$10 p.a. (no charge when linked to an ANZ Freedom or Jumpstart account).

MyPhoto card fee


All Visa Debit cards also have a chip to keep your card details more secure from fraud and theft.

Visa's Zero Liability^ protection means you won't be liable for unauthorised transactions; provided you haven't contributed to the loss in any way or fail to notify us that your card has been lost...

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ANZ Low Rate Visa | Credit cards | ANZ

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ANZ Low Rate Visa

$0 annual card fee for 2 years and pay 1.99% p.a. on balances transferred for the first year

�It only takes 10-15 minutes

Introducing our lowest purchase rate, lowest annual fee credit card

interest rate on purchases

With our lowest annual fee you'll save on card fees.

Our lowest interest rate

If you're not paying your balance off in full...

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Credit Limit Payment Calculator - ANZ

For a lower or higher credit limit than what we have proposed, simply login to ANZ Internet Banking and follow the prompts under 'Increase your credit limit' and select your preferred limit. You can also call us on 1800 119 848.

What are the standard variable interest rates for ANZ credit cards?

Please refer to the ANZ Credit Cards Key Facts Sheet (PDF) for details on the standard interest rates...

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ANZ Airpoints Visa | Credit cards | ANZ

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ANZ Airpoints Visa

�It only takes 10-15 minutes

The card that gets you flying faster with Airpoints DollarsTM

$120 = A1

Earn 1 Airpoints DollarTM for every $120 you spend on eligible purchases disclaimer

$65 p.a.

Annual fee, charged $32.50 half-yearly

Interest rate on purchases

Get 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $120 you spend on eligible purchases with your...

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Date: 2019-03-22 02:31:56

ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum | Credit cards | ANZ

ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum

�It only takes 10-15 minutes

The card that earns Airpoints DollarsTM with platinum benefits

$75 = A1

Earn 1 Airpoints DollarTM for every $75 you spend on eligible purchases. disclaimer

$150 p.a.

Annual fee, charged $75 half-yearly

Interest rate on purchases

A higher Airpoint Dollars earn�rate

Earn more Airpoints Dollars on your credit card spend to get you flying...

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Reading your credit card statement | ANZ

Reading your credit card�statement

We've updated our statements to help you quickly find the information you need

Key areas of your statement

1 �Account summary

This is an overview of your account from the opening balance, through all of the transactions for the period, to the closing balance. For specific transaction details you can refer to the second page of your statement.

If your...

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Date: 2018-03-26 23:18:21

Change my credit card limit | ANZ Internet Banking help

Download and complete the Request credit card limit increase/decrease form (PDF 76kB) and return it to us by any of the methods listed on it.

By Phone:

Please contact ANZ Cards team on 13 22 73 (or +61 3 9683 9999 from overseas) from 7am - 11pm (AEST), 7 days a week.

There are two potential outcomes depending on whether you have received a credit limit increase invitation:

Scenario 1 - You have...

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Banking & ATMs in Southeast Asia, VISA prepaid credit ...

Asia Banks, ATM cash machines, transfers, debit, credit, prepaid cards, accounts for foreigners, expat residents.

The two main international ATM networks are PLUS and CIRRUS:

for VISA Credit, Check, Debit, Delta, Electron and Cashpoint cards


for MasterCard, Maestro, Switch, Solo and Diners Club cards.

PLUS and CIRRUS are international ATM...

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Australia - ANZ Personal Banking | Accounts, credit cards ...

Q. I am travelling to Australia shortly, can I open an ANZ account prior to that I arrive in Australia?

A. Prior to arriving in Australia, you can apply to open an Access Advantage Savings account online at the link below: You will be able to deposit funds into your new account at any time however funds cannot be withdrawn until you have...

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No annual fee credit cards -

reverts to 21.99% p.a.2% fee applies


Things to Consider About No Annual Fee Credit Cards

0 Annual Fee Cards - What Are They?

A no annual fee credit card means that no fee is charged each year for the use of the card. This is perfect for the occasional credit card user as you won't be charged for simply owning a credit card if you aren't using it much. While the interest rates might be a...

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How to use a Visa Debit card | ANZ

How do I make internet, phone or mail order purchases using Visa Debit?

To make Internet, phone or mail order purchases:

simply quote your 16 digit card number and expiry date (from the front of your card), and advise the card type is Visa

as an additional security measure some organisations may require the Card Validation Code (CVC) - the last three digits on the back of your card.

if you have...

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Set Up Apple Pay | ANZ

Compatible iPhone models include iPhone SE and iPhone 6 or later.

Check your Mobile:

When you load your ANZ card Superscript 1 to Apple Pay, for security purposes we may send you a verification code via SMS to your registered mobile number. Check that your registered mobile number is up to date so you can receive it.

To Check and Update your REGISTERED Mobile Number:

Click on the 'Profile' tab...

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Travel cards: How to get the best value out of your Aussie ...

How do you get the best value for your Aussie dollars when you're overseas? In the past it was simple. You trotted into a bank, got a fistful of pounds or lira, bought some travellers cheques and off you went.

In the digital era, new players have entered the game offering various ways to pay for goods and services and access cash when you're overseas. Working out which one is going to deliver the...

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