BPI Family Credit Card | BPI

Your everyday spend is now more affordable with the new BPI Family Credit Card. The no frills credit card that will help you and your family stretch your cash flow. With its low interest...

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Website: bpiexpressonline.com

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Credit Cards — First Financial Credit Union

First Financial Credit Union's Platinum Rewards Card is one of the best premium credit card values available. It is a LOW rate card that earns Bonus Rewards points!

More on Platinum Apply...

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Date: 2018-03-26 17:33:01
Website: https://www.ffnm.org

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Credit Cards | Credit Card Comparision Australia | iSelect

Low interest credit cards

Cards with a lower standard interest rate on purchases can help you reduce the amount of interest on your account if you don't pay the balance every month. For example, a low interest card could offer a purchase interest rate of 12%p.a. compared to...

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Website: https://www.iselect.com.au

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GHS Federal Credit Union - myghsfcu.coop

Apply for a Credit Card

Visa [TM]Credit Cards - our credit card comes with money saving benefits: ScoreCard® Rewards, generous grace period, no cash advance fee, no annual fee, and best of all a low...

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Website: http://www.myghsfcu.coop

Military Star Credit Card - MilitarySpot.com

The Military Star Credit Card offers many of the same benefits as a bank card or credit card. The card has no annual fee, a low interest rate and a 25-day grace period before being charged a finance charge.

There are two ways to sign up for the Military Star Card. You can go to your exchange customer...

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Website: http://www.militaryspot.com

Credit Cards | Low Rate Credit Card | Cashback Card ...

Pay no annual fee.

Take control of your finances with a card that saves you money.

Introductory rate as low as % APR** for 12 months from account opening on purchases and balance transfers, then as low as %.

No balance transfer or foreign transaction fees.

Great way to save money by transferring balances from higher-rate credit cards.

Card Highlights

Lowest interest rate of any Bethpage credit card


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Website: bethpagefcu.com

Credit Cards Bad Credit Instant Approval No Annual Fee ...

Credit Cards Bad Credit Instant Approval No Annual Fee Description

Online payday advance $100 to be able to $1000. Find Fast On the internet.

Credit Cards Bad Credit Instant Approval No Annual Fee Looking for $100-$1000 Short term On the web.

Credit Cards Bad Credit Instant Approval No Annual Fee User Guide Article

Why are Paydayloans Higher-than Credit Cards? Can you find yourself a modest short of money ? Think payday-loans are...

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Website: http://grandstrandbicycles.com

Balance Transfer Credit Cards - Price Comparison New Zealand

Lower your debt and pay off your card balance faster with these balance transfer cards.

Available when switching cards.

The balance transfer rate applies to the debt on your existing old card for a specific period of time.

Ideal way to take control of your credit card debt and start fresh again.

We found 31 credit cards.

Refine your Results:

Annual fee

An annual fee charged to the owner of the account....

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Website: https://www.priceme.co.nz

College Student Credit Cards With Low Interest Rates ...

Discover U.S. News' picks for the best student credit cards. Find the best card for you and learn expert strategies to save money and build your credit history.

Compare credit cards for college students with no credit history. Find Visa, Mastercard, great rewards, 0% rates and low fees. Apply online for. Rewards Rate.

Learn all about how credit cards work here to decide if a student credit card is right for you,. Annual Fee: $0; Interest Rate: 15.24%âEUR"24.24% Variable. .. with...

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Website: http://www.retosolidario.org

Providian Platinum Visa® Card - Credit Card Applications

Common cardholder benefits; long term 0% introductory rate.

Worst Card Feature

Minimum APR caps for all transactions.

Card Review

The Providian Platinum Visa® Card, issued by Providian, is designed for those with very good credit who are looking for a low interest rate credit card. Cardholders can also expect common platinum benefits that include up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, and an extended warranty for...

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Website: http://www.creditcardapplications.us

Oshkosh Truck Credit Union - Home

When you sign up for an OTCU Visa Platinum Card you'll be rewarded with no annual fee and a great low interest rate that won't go up when the prime rate changes. Looking for a GREAT RATE on a BALANCE TRANSFER? We've got that too. Save money by transferring your balance from a high interest credit card to our low interest rate card. We offer No Fee balance transfers every day of the year. We offer multiple card...

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Date: 2019-02-07 16:19:53
Website: http://www.oshkoshtruckcu.org

Credit Cards | WSFS Bank

Education Lending

Credit Cards

Whether you're looking for a Low APR or Cash Back rewards, we've got the right card for you.

All with No Annual Fee and the quality and service you expect from WSFS Bank.


Save on interest with our lowest available APRs, as low as 12.74%1

0% Balance Transfers

Transfer high rate balances at 0% for 9 months2. APRs range from 12.74% to 21.74% thereafter3.

No Annual Fee

Enjoy an easy-to-use credit card with no annual...

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Website: https://www.wsfsbank.com

Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card

This secured card from Orchard Bank , a subsidiary of HSBC, offers surprisingly low fee structure and provides a good value, not only compared to other secured cards on the market but also compared to Orchard Bank's own line of conventional, unsecured credit cards. As a matter of fact, this Secured Credit Card is a much better deal than any other Orchard Credit Card, provided that you can and you don't mind having to pay a security deposit.

Interest Rate and Annual Fees

Orchard Bank Secured...

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Date: 2017-03-29 16:41:23
Website: http://www.orchardbankus.com

Credit Card Finder | Find The Best Credit Card ... - iSelect

Finding the right credit card

Tips and hints for finding the right credit card for your needs

There's a lot more to a credit card than just the interest rate. From low annual fees to cash back offers, credit cards come in a wide range of flavours to suit many different lifestyles and budgets.

With that in mind, here are some important things to think about as you search for the right card, and some tips on what to watch out for.

Know your spending style

Everyone has...

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Website: https://www.iselect.com.au

CIBC Credit Cards

CIBC Low Interest Credit Cards

The CIBC Select Visa Card is one option for clients who look for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce credit cards with low interest. The card goes with a 11.99 percent interest on cash advances, purchases, convenience checks, and balance transfers. The minimum required household income is $15,000. Additional benefits include AVIS car rental discounts, guaranteed hotel reservations, emergency card replacement, and more.

CIBC Business Credit Cards

To its business clients, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce offers two business...

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Website: http://www.creditcardscanada.net

Credit Cards (Secured) - Consumer Wiki

Consumers who have a low credit rating or no credit history can establish credit by applying for a "secured" credit card. Secured credit cards are issued by banks that hold a consumers deposit as collateral against possible default. The credit card holder cannot withdraw their money from the account for as long as they have the card. Therefore, a consumer should not apply for one unless he or she can afford to have the deposit money unavailable to them while they use the secured credit card. The line of credit available on the card is equal to a percentage (sometimes as...

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Date: 2011-03-09 19:09:39
Website: http://consumerwiki.dca.ca.gov

Visa® Credit Cards from Palmetto Citizens

A Palmetto Citizens Visa® offers a low interest rate with no fees, and earns reward points with every purchase. If you have a credit card with someone else, or are looking to get your first card, contact us to apply today.

Benefits of a Palmetto Citizens Visa®

With a Palmetto Citizens Visa®, you do not have to worry about any excessive fees. In addition to a low interest rate , our credit cards have no hidden fees, including:

No Balance Transfer Fee

No Cash Advance Fee

No Annual Fee

You also earn ScoreCard® Reward Points for...

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Date: 2017-05-19 14:35:46
Website: https://www.palmettocitizens.org

Zero Percent Credit Cards - Best 0% Offers For 2018

With a little creative thinking, you can really put a zero percent interest rate to work for your long or short-term interests.

Credit Cards offering 0% Deals until 2019 - Find Offers Now!

Dozens of credit cards are offering the opportunity to lock in a zero percent interest rate for 12 to 18 months. Whether you are searching for purchase offers that allow you to secure a zero percent rate for appliances, home improvement or other larger purchases, many leading care providers (CITI, Discover, Bank of...

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Website: http://www.bestcreditcards.co

Credit Card | Skyward Credit Union

Low interest rates, No transfer fees, 1% Cash Rewards, and More

Apply for a� Credit Card�

3.99%APR introductory rate for the first 6 months

Super low rate starting at 7.90%APR

1% Cash Rewards

No balance transfer fees and no annual fee

Credit limits up to $25,000

$1,000,000 Travel Accident Insurance

Skyward Mastercard Benefits Guide (PDF)

You can start saving immediately with our low 3.99% introductory APR*. Transfer other high rate credit cards to your Skyward Credit Union Platinum MasterCard and start saving today! To apply for a Skyward Credit Union Platinum MasterCard, click on the Apply Online button or...

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Website: https://skywardcu.com

Credit cards - low rate and reward cards | BankSA

Introducing the Vertigo Platinum Credit Card

0 % P.A.

for 26 months on balance transfers#

Special offer

$0 annual card fee for the first year, saving $99^.

A 2% balance transfer fee applies.

Variable cash advance rate applies after the promotional period.

12.74% p.a. variable purchase rate.

What else do I need to know about Vertigo Platinum?

#Balance Transfer Promotion:��Available when you apply and are approved for a new Vertigo, Vertigo Platinum, No Annual Fee, Amplify Signature and Amplify Platinum credit card between 24th January 2019 and 22nd May 2019, and request...

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Date: 2019-03-24 10:06:55
Website: https://www.banksa.com.au

Credit cards - low rate and reward cards | Bank of Melbourne

Introducing the Vertigo Platinum Credit Card

0 % P.A.

for 26 months on balance transfers#

Special offer

$0 annual card fee for the first year, saving $99^.

A 2% balance transfer fee applies.

Variable cash advance rate applies after the promotional period.

12.99% p.a. variable purchase rate.

What else do I need to know about Vertigo Platinum?

#Balance Transfer Promotion:�Available when you apply and are approved for a new Vertigo, Vertigo Platinum, No Annual Fee, Amplify Signature and Amplify Platinum credit card between 24th January 2019 and 22nd May 2019, and request at card...

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Date: 2019-04-10 05:04:16
Website: https://www.bankofmelbourne.com.au

credit card – RBS - rbsintl-online.com

Credit Card

Apply for the�RBS Credit Card that suits your lifestyle, offering competitive APRs and exceptional Rewards Programs.

With your RBS Credit Card you get:

No transaction fees:�Pay no transaction fees when you use your credit card to pay for goods and services.�

No annual fee:�No additional annual fees are applied to your credit card. Credit Card Accounts are liable to annual Government Stamp Duty.

24 hour approval:�means next working day provided that we RBS are in receipt of all relevant information and documentation. Applications for non� customers and applications referred to underwriting may take longer.

Low cost...

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Website: https://rbsintl-online.com

The best credit cards for people with bad credit ...

The best credit cards for people with bad credit

Kathleen Elkins


Poor credit makes it difficult to get approved for a credit card, but there's something out there for everyone.

We asked personal finance and credit card comparison site NerdWallet to highlight options for those with a low credit score (300 to 629).

The roundup consists of secured credit cards -- cards designed to help you build up your credit.

They require a cash collateral deposit equal to the credit line, generally have higher interest rates than unsecured cards, and don't offer as...

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Website: https://www.businessinsider.com.au

Tribute® Gold MasterCard® Credit Card

prepaid cards

Tribute® Gold MasterCard® Credit Card

The Tribute® MasterCard® Gold Card, issued by First Bank of Delaware, is designed for those who only require the basic functions of a credit card, but would like to have their account reported to the credit bureaus.

The card offers high interest rates, and all of the variable interest rates have minimum caps. This simply means that no matter how low the Prime Rate drops, the interest rates on the account will not go below the stated minimum caps. In addition, the APRs for all transactions are tied to the highest...

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Website: http://www.creditcardcomparison.org

Department Store Credit Cards for Poor or Bad Credit ...



0% Discover® Card : Enjoy a 0% Introductory APR* and pay no annual fee. Plus, with America's #1 Rewards program you'll earn 5% Cashback Bonus® on Get More Program purchases throughout the year and Up to 1% Cashback Bonus® on all your other purchases. APPLY NOW!


0% Mastercard® Intro. APR on all Purchases and Balance Transfers, 8.99% Variable APR thereafter* No Annual Fee...

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Date: 2018-03-12 19:19:37
Website: http://www.selectcreditcard.com

Consumer Credit Cards - New Peoples Bank

Online Services: Manage your account with ease and security - anytime, anywhere. Pay your credit bill online, get account information, track charges & payments, review statements, receive email when specific activity occurs, balance transfers, and more.

Fraud Protection: Detects and notifies you of any unusual card activity to help prevent fraud.

Zero Fraud Liability: Cardmember is not liable for fraudulent purchases when card is lost or stolen.

Worldwide Acceptance: Your Visa card is accepted at more than 20 million locations in 150 countries, including more than one million ATMs worldwide.


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Website: https://www.newpeoplesbank.com

Department Store Credit Cards for Poor or Bad Credit ...



0% Discover® Card : Enjoy a 0% Introductory APR* and pay no annual fee. Plus, with America's #1 Rewards program you'll earn 5% Cashback Bonus® on Get More Program purchases throughout the year and Up to 1% Cashback Bonus® on all your other purchases. APPLY NOW!


0% Mastercard® Intro. APR on all Purchases and Balance Transfers, 8.99% Variable APR thereafter* No Annual Fee...

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Date: 2018-03-12 19:19:37
Website: http://www.selectcreditcard.com

Life Credit Union - VISA Credit Cards


Our credit card has no annual fee, same low rate on cash advance and purchases plus 200,000 accidental insurance. A secured card has a limit secured by an amount held in a savings account. If you currently have a higher interest rate card, you may transfer your balance to your Life Credit Union Visa® Credit Card. See Visa Disclosure for the most current interest rates.


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Date: 2018-03-27 00:00:22
Website: http://www.lifecu.org

Credit Cards No Credit Check - consumerbadcreditguide.com

One credit card offer with no credit check is New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa and MasterCard. They claim to have no credit check and can be approved with a past bankruptcy, with a credit line up to $10,000. The catch: the card is secured, so you will need to make a deposit equal to your credit line. This card also comes with a not so appealing $99.95 processing fee and a $59.00 annual fee.


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Date: 2017-10-24 20:58:46
Website: http://www.consumerbadcreditguide.com

Easy To Get Credit Cards | NoCreditUsa.com

Easy To Get Credit Cards

Tired of facing rejection letters for credit cards. Here are some credit cards that are easy to get and have good rates.

Credit cards are pretty much an essential element in life. Since most things are paid for electronically, having a credit card is important. Some credit cards are difficult to obtain. Each credit card company has different requirements for lending, and some want credit scores in the high digest. So which credit card does a person apply for that guarantees they won't be rejected?

Capital One Platinum MasterCard

Capitol One offers a variety of credit card options. They have cards for those with...

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Website: http://nocreditusa.com

List of Credit Cards that Issue an Instant Card Number ...

Top Credit Cards that Issue Instant Card Numbers upon Approval

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

It is an open loop credit card that offers instant access online. It gives funds in minutes after approval. Benefits derived include cash back incentives of up to $50 Amazon gift, 3% cash back on other Amazon purchases, 2% on restaurants and gas stations and 1% on other purchases. The annual...

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Website: http://totalcreditflip.com

Low Rate Credit Card | No annual fee | AA - TheAA.com

Starts low, remains low

Enjoy a low interest rate plus no annual fees

Provided by Bank of Ireland UK. AA Financial Services Limited is a credit broker and not a lender.

Low Rate Credit Card

Enjoy a low rate. Plus no annual fees with our Low Rate Credit Card.

Enjoy a low rate. Plus no annual fees with our Low Rate Credit Card.

Card offer:

From 6.5% p.a. (variable) interest on purchases and balance...

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Website: theaa.com

Safe 1 Credit Union :: Loans :: Credit Cards

Demo  |  Forgot Password

Credit Cards

Your Credit Union now offers MasterCard Platinum Credit Cards to qualified members. Our MasterCard Platinum cards combine worldwide acceptance with competitive rates and terms and include an outstanding benefits package. Click here for current rates.

MasterCard Platinum Card

If you want to save on interest charges, our MasterCard Platinum credit card is for you. This card includes our lowest interest rates, and you will also receive the premium benefits package...

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Website: http://www.safe1.org

Download Credit Card Application Template 2 for Free ...

Student (Full time at uni or TAFE)

Low Rate Gold

o These cards are best if you intend

to pay off your balance in full each

month and want to earn points which

you can redeem for rewards.

o These cards attract higher annual

fees and interest rates than some of

our other card types.

o These cards are best if you intend to

pay off your balance in full each month

and want a low annual fee. These

cards attract higher interest rates than

some of our other card types.

o The student card is for students

who intend to regularly pay off their

balance in full each month and want

to pay no annual fee for the duration

of their...

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Website: https://www.tidyform.com

Credit Cards: No fees & Low Rates – Georgia United Credit ...

Exclusive cardholder discounts

Lost/Stolen Credit Card

If you've misplaced your card, quickly freeze it in Online Banking�or by contacting our Member Care Center at 888.493.4328.�

To freeze your card in Online Banking:

Click 'Cards' in the navigation menu.

Select the card you would like to freeze.

From the drop-down, choose 'Freeze Card.' Once your card is found, you can unfreeze it following these same steps.

If you suspect fraud or need to order a replacement card, we'll be happy to assist you with this as well. To order a new card, please contact our Member Care...

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Website: https://gucu.org

Visa Credit Cards | Debt Consolidation | Education First ...

Apply Now Contact Us

Gold and platinum are precious metals. And really valuable plastic.

You've struck the mother lode with Education First Visas®. Unlike other credit cards, there's no need to compromise when choosing features. Our Visa® Gold and Visa® Platinum cards offer a rare combination of low interest rates, no annual fees and a great rewards program that pays off in event tickets, merchandise and travel services. In this case, all that glitters is definitely good.

It just takes one card to have a winning hand.

Education First Visa®...

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Website: https://www.educationfirstfcu.org

Bank of Ireland Credit Card – How to Check Balance

Bank of Ireland Credit Card - How to Check Balance

Types of Bank of Ireland Credit Card

Credit cards made available by Bank of Ireland are mainly 4.


Classic Credit card

The everyday credit card with no annual fee.

Get for Classic Mastercard online in minutes or call on the 0818 200 412 number - Available Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm.

This Card Offers 0% interest on purchases; No transaction...

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Website: https://creditcardweb.xyz

$0 Annual Fee Credit Cards | Best 2019 Cards | RateCity

this table to your site


Can a pensioner get a credit card?

Pensioners can get credit cards with certain banks - if they can convince the bank they're credit-worthy. Here are some points to consider if you are a pensioner looking for a credit card:

Annual income: Look for a credit card for which you easily fall within the minimum annual income requirements. This can be from the pension,...

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Website: ratecity.com.au

Visa Credit Card with No Annual Fee, Low Interest | TCF Bank

Shop smart and safe with this low introductory rate credit card.

No annual fee.1

$25 statement credit when you make a purchase within the first 3 billing cycles.2

0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR)1 for the first 12 billing cycles on balance transfers.

After the introductory APR, your APR will be 12.24% to 22.24% based on your creditworthiness. This APR will vary with the market based...

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Website: https://tcfbank.com

Credit Card | Coosa Valley Credit Union

Thanks for printing!  Don't forget to come back to Coosa Valley Credit Union for fresh articles!

Visa® Credit Card

Your credit card should offer convenience, not high costs. That's why at Coosa Valley Credit Union, we offer you a no hassle, low cost Visa® that you will want to use for all your credit card purchases. Why spend more on fees and interest charges than you have to? Discover the savings of a Coosa Valley Credit Union Visa®Card. You'll enjoy the benefits and the savings!...

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Website: https://www.mycvcu.org

InfoChoice | Compare 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

< 1 2 3 4 5 > Last

"Sponsored" products are displayed first within the search results pages and can be re-sorted without this filter by de-selecting the "Show sponsored listings first" checkbox. For more information on how we've selected these "Sponsored" and "Featured" products click here .

*The First Year Cost Comparison is the total interest payable over one year on a monthly outstanding...

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Website: http://www.infochoice.com.au

Credit Card No Annual Fee

Many credit card companies have dropped their gross annual fees. There is still and interest charge however, many no longer charge a payment. Although there are only a few companies that still have those fees the majority of business credit card companies still have total annual fees.

The fees billed annually are usually pre-specified based on the reduce on the card, the size of the company and...

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Website: https://www.credittscardsnoannualfees.com

Credit Cards :: Beacon Federal Credit Union

Introducing the Credit Card You Can't Resist

BeaconBlue Platinum EMV MasterCard

$0 annual fee, $0 balance transfer fees, $0 liability on unauthorized purchases.

Your new BeaconBlue EMV MasterCard will receive a 6-month introductory rate as low as 1.80% APR* on purchases and balance transfers. You'll also get a new interest rate after the first 6-months starting at 10.05% APR* based on your credit score*.

You may even qualify for our wonderful REWARDS PROGRAM (for...

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Website: https://www.beaconfed.org

Best Canadian Credit Cards for Bad Credit - CreditCardFAQ.ca

A credit card for bad credit comes with a limit that is normally equal or lower than the sum deposited. Shopping for credit cards for bad credit Canada residents find offers by big banks such as Capital One, CIBC, Toronto-Dominion, and others. With bad credit credit cards Canada customers have the chance to improve their credit and apply for a standard card.

Canadian Credit Card Comparison


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Website: http://www.creditcardfaq.ca

Card Offers For People With No Credit - CreditCardFlyers.com

Can I use a store card to build my credit?

Yes. Most store credit cards will be good for building credit. However, it is always worth making sure the store credit card you are going to apply with will actually be reported to one or all three major credit bureaus. If the store card is not reported, you'd better skip it and apply for a different credit card that is reported to the credit...

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Website: http://www.creditcardflyers.com

Credit Cards with No Annual Fee in the Philippines

6 Best Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

AUB Classic Mastercard

Ideal for: Individuals on a budget Monthly income requirement: PHP 10,000 AUB Classic Mastercard is one of the top credit cards with no annual fee in the Philippines. Other than having a low monthly income requirement, AUB Classic Mastercard also allows their cardholders to choose how much they can pay and when they can pay their...

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Website: https://www.moneymax.ph

CIMB Cash Rebate Gold Card - iMoney Malaysia

The CIMB Cash Rebate Gold card gives 5% cash rebate and up to 25% discounts and another 20% additional cash rebates when you shop online on various participating sites. Besides, it offers a 10% cash rebate on monthly interest charged with no maximum capping and 2% cash rebate on petrol and groceries and 2% cash rebate on mobile and utility bill payment (via standing instructions). This card comes with a complimentary Touch 'n Go Zing Card with 'No Reload Fee" as well!

Fees and Charges

The annual fee for this card is free for life! However the "No Reload Fee" is only valid until 31st December 2014 and there is...

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Website: https://www.imoney.my

What Credit Score is Needed for a Sony Credit Card ...

[T]he Sony Credit Card has a reputation of one with a low acceptance or approval rate . Based on the recommendations of the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), the company that developed the credit score rating system, a score of 710 or above is needed to be approved for this card. Of course that number is not set in stone, and lower scores may be approved as other factors are considered during the approval process. If you have good job stability and a high annual income, even if your credit score is below the recommended level, you could still be approved for the Sony Credit Card.

The Sony Card is a Visa rewards card...

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Website: http://www.creditscoreresource.com

What is a Good Interest Rate on a Credit Card? (with pictures)


Post 5

I have a credit card that has 0.00 percent interest. It was an introductory rate that has never changed. I've had the card for maybe 10 years and never paid any interest. I absolutely carry balances from month to month. My max credit is $15k. I think the most I've carried was about $5k - it took maybe a year to pay that down. Other than no interest rate, it has no other...

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Website: wisegeek.com

Visa® Credit Cards | SCE FCU

Choose the credit card that's right for you. All SCE FCU Visa cards come with low rates, no annual fees, generous credit limits, and 100% fraud protection - and fine print that's fair. Whether you're looking for a card to make daily purchases, a cash advance, or a balance transfer, we've got you covered. And, we offer a Rewards card where you earn points toward travel, brand-name gifts and more -...

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Website: https://www.scefcu.org