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What Is a Titanium Credit Card?

January 25, 2011

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The American Express Centurion card is sometimes called the "titanium card." The titanium card is an invitation-only card that comes with a wealth of benefits and no interest rate. Since the card is by invitation only, it remains rare. In addition to the benefits and prestige of the card, the titanium card feels heavier than most...

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Different Types of Credit Cards - Features and List of ...

This article gives complete information on different types of credit cards available and their features. It also states the best credit card providers in India.

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Different Types of Credit Cards

Credit cards, also known as plastic money, have become a rage in recent times as lots of people are experiencing its benefits. In recent...

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What is the best credit card for Skywards miles? - Travel ...

Credit cards in the UAE can give you free access to one of the world's best airline, without having to pay for your trips or wait to accumulate enough flights. We're talking about the Emirates Skywards program of course, and the three banks that offer Skywards credit cards for frequent flyers are Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD and Citibank.

But which of these three should you choose? And which of...

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Best Cashback Credit Cards in UAE | Emirates NBD

Traveler's cheques, balance transfer and other unauthorized charges, etc

Foreign currency purchases

Credit Shield / any other insurance programs or products that the Bank may choose to offer

Transactions that the Bank decides are disputed, erroneous, unauthorized, illegal and/or fraudulent

Dial a Cheque and Installment Plan facilities offered by the Bank

Transactions made to top up a RTA NOL Card...

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Titanium Jewellery with Gold, Silver & Platinum - Ti2 Titanium

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Wonder Metal

Titanium is perfect for jewellery. It is strong, corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic and beautiful to look at. It can be finished to your individual style with an engraving or coloured by electric current.


All of our jewellery is carefully handcrafted...

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