HIgh Risk Credit Card Processing Merchant Accounts

HighRiskCreditProcessing.com believes that all legal and legitimate businesses deserve a fair chance to accept credit cards online, even those working within the card-not-present environment. Our trusted network of offshore and international acquiring banks allows us to provide high risk merchant account solutions to a wide range of online e-commerce industries. The following is a short list of just some of the businesses we accommodate with our high risk merchant account program.

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Union Bank of India U Control - User's Guide.

U Control - Mobile based application for credit card customers

With U Control credit card holders now can manage usage of all their credit cards from a single mobile application. Cardholders need to install the App in their smart phone and upload the card details on the mobile App which will enable them to manage the card in various ways. U control solution allows cardholders to participate in the authorization of payments made using their cards. The basic facilities provided to the credit...

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Reward points slashed - The price of interchange fee regulation

Changes are coming to interchange fees on July 1st, and that might have a big effect on the rewards your credit card can rack up. We speak to Kathryn Drew from American Express about what interchange fees are, and how to avoid the new traps.

Find out how all the banks have responded here: https://www.finder.com.au/full-list-how-every-australian-bank-will-change-its-rewards-program-in-2017

Compare credit card rewards here: https://www.finder.com.au/credit-cards/rewards-credit-cards

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Offshore Banks Directory

Offshore Banks Directory is the only list of offshore banks worldwide, where you will be able to find information on offshore banks, offshore bank accounts, offshore banking and offshore credit cards. The offshore banks are classified by country and identified according to typology and offered services. You will find the access link to the official website of every offshore bank, from which you can have access to all information on how to open an offshore bank account, how to obtain an offshore...

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7of8 Contracts for credit cards and loan agreements, foreclosure, are void.


Online Classes: How To Get Rid Of Your Credit Card Debt, Clean Up Your Credit, And Make Debt Collectors Go Away!

Half Right is not right in law, How to use the rules in your favor, foreclosure, credit card debit, and civil action, fraud. The moment you find fraud you should seek remedy. Federal court, not state court, because it is a federal question.

All national banks are instrumentalities of congress. The powers of a bank are listed in...

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How Credit Card Interest Works: The Math

Have you ever wondered how credit card interest works? How do they determine how much you owe?

Your credit card probably lists an annual interest rate, an "APR". This video will explain how to use your APR to figure out exactly how much interest you will owe on your credit card bill. The banks usually use a method called "Average Daily Balance". This video works though an example of the math, so you can get a deep understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.

Don't forget to watch How...

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