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Ann Taylor credit card 2016

*Subject to credit approval. Offer valid at only and 15% off promotion will be automatically applied at checkout; gift card purchases and charges for

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GSC * Hong Leong Bank Card Movie Ticket Price Promotion

AMAZING deals are waiting for you this June, celebrating zero GST!

Combo 1 RM6.00 on 1st June

▪️ Available at all GSC locations except GSC Signature.

▪️ Only available on 1st June 2018.

RM10 flat per ticket for showtimes before 1:00PM!

▪️ Available for showtimes between 7 - 30 June 2018, before 1:00PM.

▪️ Available at selected GSC locations only.

▪️ ⭐ GSC-HLB Credit Card Holder enjoy extra RM6 off on top of RM10 flat rate per ticket - only pay RM4 per ticket! (Online...

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Best Financial Products in Malaysia (Credit Card, Homeloan, FD etc) - September 2012 &

reported by the founder of iMoney - Ching Lee

- What is the best credit card signup offer, cash rebate card and innovative CC that suits your spending habit?

- What is the best mortgage housing loan that charge the lowest interest rate with shorter lock-in period?

- Which banks offer the best Fixed Deposit rate over 6 months, 12 months etc?

Kuwait Finance House FD Promotion:...

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Are Premium Credit Cards Worth the Annual Fees?

I often get asked the question; Are Premium Credit Cards Worth the Annual Fees?

My answer is always YES. premium credit cards come with a ton of credit card benefits and perks that make the high annual fee worth it. My favorite premium credit cards are the american express platinum card, the chase sapphire reserve and the citi prestige master card. All these premium credit cards come with amazing benefits that outweigh the high annual fees.

Download my free 10 step travel hacking guide...

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From: Points Pointers

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Compare Promotional Rate Credit Card Offers

Balance transfer fees are now a bigger part of the cost of promotional rate credit cards offers. This video shows how to convert the balance transfer fee to an an annual percentage rate and add it to the APR of the offer to arrive at an interest rate that you can compare with the interest rates of other loans.

The following spreadsheet compares two promotional rate credit card offers. One has a 0% APR for 10 months with a balance transfer fee of 4%; the other has a 1.99% APR for 13 months...

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From: kennethwdc

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NCB Christmas 2017 Credit Card Promotion

This Christmas, six lucky cardholders will get an opportunity to have their credit card balances PAID OFF!

More info:

To enter, simply use your NCB Credit Card when shopping between now and January 18, 2018! Conditions apply.

Authorised under Section 58 (3) of the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Act.

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From: NCB Jamaica

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OfferPipe: Mobile Card-Linked Offers Made Simple!

Works with Existing POS and Processors!

Mobile promotions are exploding at annual growth rates above 50 percent (Gartner).

Attentiveness to mobile devices combined with an ability to tailor delivery to time of day, location and other consumer preferences are driving redemption rates of eight to ten percent, when traditional print coupon channels typically average one percent or less.

Mobile promotions are becoming even more simplified as they transform into card-linked offers that consumers...

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From: Tran SEND

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15 Hotel offers for Pan Asia Bank Credit Cards

Pan Asia Card Offers Hotel, Pan Asia Bank Promotions, Deals, Offers and Discounts - Sri Lanka

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From: Australian Traveller

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Probably the most critical element you want to be aware about regarding 0 hobby credit playing cards is they may be basically a promotional product that isn't always going to ultimate all the time.

Just like a sale in most cases lasts for every week or so and ultimately wraps up, the APR that you are supplied to transfer your account balances or to get a ultra-modern bank card will come to an cease following a specific time.

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[PORTFOLIO] Private Label Credit Card - Issuer Mobile APP

Promotional Video for Tricard's APP Emissor:

A simple way to issue partners private label credit cards with a single tablet and/or cell phone.

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From: Heitor Barcellos Portfolio

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RBC - Credit Card Promotion


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From: AdNet Limited

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NAB Credit Card Security "dogs" TVC

One ins a series of advertisements to promote the security NAB offered with their credit cards created by advertising copywriter, Sally Parrott. Website:

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From: Sally Parrott

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HSN B40th Birthday Credit Card promo June 2017

My exciting credit card promo tying in HSN's 40th birthday and the month long promotion of $40 when opening a new card.

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From: stemi67

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