Malaysian Credit Card Scammer

Interesting Call from a Malaysian credit card scam call center.

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How to safe banking transactions,credit card scams by phone,credit,scam,


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Credit Card Scams - 7 Eyewitness News I-Team Investigation

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Credit Card Scam on internet

Inactivated Credit Card was still used by a thief

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Credit Card Debt Information : How to Find a Low-Interest Credit Cards

Find low-interest credit cards by contacting the local bank, searching online or reading through promotional offers for different credit cards. Read the fine print on low-interest credit card offers to avoid scams with insight from the owner of a debt settlement company in this free video on credit cards.

Expert: Peter Repak


Bio: Peter Repak has been in the debt settlement business for over half a decade. He and his wife founded the Clear Financial...

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Low Credit Card Interest Rate Scam (2-6-2018)

A credit card scammer called me so I decided to have fun with them.

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Local business caught in complex credit card scam

A local small business owner fell victim to a credit card scam the better Business Bureau is calling "one of the most sophisticated schemes" they have ever seen.

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Police: Scammers skim credit cards at gas pumps

Police are looking into reports that scam artists are tampering with credit card slots at gas pumps in order to steal the user's information.

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Fake call for Credit Card and Debt Collection Scams

Fake caller to get your money. New telephone scams are targeting consumers with promises of lowering credit card interest rates, fixing damaged credit reports, and in some cases awarding them higher spending limits.

Read more:

Compare credit cards here -

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Prepaid gift card scams - Fraud Prevention Month

Prepaid gift cards are becoming the preferred payment method in scams as they are easy to use, can be purchased almost anywhere, can be redeemed with just the code on the back, and can be resold for actual money.

In 2018, Canadians lost over $3.4 million to fraudsters who utilized prepaid gift cards as part of their scam. From 2017 to 2018, the number of victims across Canada who participated in scams involving the use of prepaid gift cards has nearly doubled. In Manitoba, that number has...

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Data Processers Hacked

Overseas Data Centers perpetrate Credit card scams, data breaches and criminal hacking. Hackers sometimes work for, on the inside of these call centers. Learn how to prevent Identity Theft and increase computer security

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CuraDebt Reviews | Complaints | Scam | Consumer Feedback It is a challenging time in life when one finds oneself deep in debt. You don't want to receive phone calls from creditors at all times of the day and night. At that moment you really need some sort of services which can actually help you out with debt reduction on various debts such as personal loans, personal debts, lines of credit, credit cards, overdrafts, business cards, etc. You need to make a wise decision during this difficult...

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Patreon Scam email

Lots of people are getting a scam email regarding Patreon.

Reddit Post:

Email from Patreon:


I learned yesterday evening that some Patreon users have been receiving a scam email. The sender claims to have the recipient’s SSN, credit card number and other personal information. I want to assure everyone that the claims in this email are false, and we are already working with federal law...

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"Genesis FS Card Services" Credit Card Scam | Scammers call me from my landline

These scammers calling me from 208-643-8403, they left me a 1-minute message asking for a person I don't even know and then claim to be a credit card company which is actually a Kay Jewelers

impersonator so when I confront the scammer Jennie, she denied everything like any scammer would and transfer me over to the supervisor which was basically the same.

Information I have about the company:

Genesis FS Card Services

Number Called: 208-643-8403 (owner belongs to Becki Nickolenko)

Name of...

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From: Commander Shinzon

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Credit Card Interest Rate Scammer Caller - Funny Phone Conversation - Fraud Trolling

A credit card "lower your interest rate" scammer trying to scam me. Sounds like a Filipino guy from the Philippines. Do you know this guy? Have someone like this called you? Let me know in the comments section below!

From: +1(510)862-7772

Date: 2018 - 07 - 27 - 14:36

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From: Fight Back Phone Scams

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Credit Card Number Stealer Scam (THIS IS NOT LIVE)

They call you to tell you there is something wrong with your credit card so you can call them back, and they can try to trick you into giving them your card number over the phone.

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From: Cintia Mortenal

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Credit Card Debt is a Scam

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From: William Richard Wright

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union workers credit services scam

they send you a offer for a 10000 dollar credit limit, but you must send in 37 dollars, and then the real scam starts. If you ever get the "credit card" it will only be good at their store. but all the info ive seen indicates most never even get a card. the bbb has hundreds of complaints against these people.



Additional Locations

Phone: (877) 835-0969

Fax: (214) 905-3250

View Additional Phone Numbers

PO Box 955003, Fort...

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From: trucker 9000

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Watch you email for this credit card scam

Scammers targeting folks as customer service representatives.

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From: 6 On Your Side

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Scam Prank Call


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From: Nick Bond

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Today i got a scam call from number +91-9810934753.

The girl there was saying she was from Credit card service department and constantly tried to got my credit card information (btw, i am already kangal).

My cellphone has voice recorder, so i recorded edited this conversation and now uploading to You tube.

So listen this conversation from start to end, enjoy the funny gifs, videos ,audio in between and be vigilant from scammers like this.

As always, thanks for watching!

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From: T4TOP10

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Phone call claiming Federal Complaint was made in my Name!

I Received a message on my phone claiming that a police officer had filed a Federal Complaint in my name. That I needed to either turn myself in it to the police department or call the number in the message.

I knew this message sounded fake but even a fake phone call has to be taken as if it could be serious. After a little research though, I found this to be a known Scam to get peoples credit card information. Beware of this SCAM!

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From: timberwolves100

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Credit Card Debt At All Time High - Watch Out for The 0% Scam!

Need Help with Credit Card Debt? Click Here

Need your credit reports and scores click here:

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credit card - she won't cut up the credit card!

the 5 best credit cards for...

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From: The Credit Repair Shop

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