Credit Card Offers

In the video “Credit Card Offers What You know” we walk you through a credit card offer received in the mail that is not such a good deal for you or any consumer. The only one that wins with this credit card offer is the card issuer. We point out some of the pit falls to help make you more aware of the many choices you have and to keep you from falling victim to the predator lender.

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From: John Jefferson

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ALERT! Obama Signs Executive Order to Microchip All Credit Cards!

Today, the President is signing a new Executive Order directing the government to lead by example in securing transactions and sensitive data.

While there is no silver bullet to guarantee data security, the President is signing an Executive Order to implement enhanced security measures, including securing credit, debit, and other payment cards with microchips in lieu of basic magnetic strips, and PINs, such as those standard on consumer ATM cards. He is...

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How to Buy Things on Amazon Without a Credit Card

How to Buy Things on Amazon Without a Credit Card. Part of the series: E-Commerce & Finding Information Online. Buying things on Amazon without a credit card uses automatic bank transfers or "Bill Me Later" options, both available when checking out. Purchase from without using a credit card with industry tips from an Internet business consultant in this free video on online shopping. Read more:

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Internet Credit Card Processing

An Unbiased review of Internet Credit Card processing and online merchant services, credit card processing fees and merchant card services.We look at accepting credit card payments on line by reviewing some 30 or 40 credit card processing companies and giving a recommendation on 3 that we recommend.Check out our review on :

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Credit Card Trap - Credit Card Help - Credit Card Relief - - Find your way out of the credit card trap with the original credit card relief program! The help is fast and the relief is real. Contact us today for fast relief from your creditors and a solution that is second to none.

Credit Card Relief has mediated over $150 million in debt that has resulted in the debt freedom of many thousands of Americans, isn't it your turn?

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Options to Settle Your Credit Card Debt

Here are things to consider when you are overwhelmed with your credit card debt.

For more tips read

Also visit our website for list of credit cards that can help you build your credit score

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James Williams from Credit Card Services can't figure out if Lenny has credit cards

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Retail Credit Card Processing Merchant Accounts

Moneck payment solutions offer industry fastest credit card machine and POS system to ensure retail profit. Visit for more retail merchant services with PCI Compliance.

Moneck offers the best in store and card present credit card processing services and fast paid next day funding.

Check out customer testimonial from @

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How Many Credit Inquiries Is Too Many? – Credit Card Insider

Today's question is: How Many Credit Inquiries Is Too Many?

Ask us your credit questions in the comments and find your next card at

There are two types of credit inquiries: hard and soft. Small inquiries have no effect on your credit, while hard inquiries will have a small effect on your credit, compared to other factors. But how many is too many? What happens if you have 1, 15, or 100 hard credit inquiries on your report?

Every week, John Ulzheimer answers...

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From: Credit Card Insider

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Alaska Airlines Visa Signature: card Should You Get This Travel Rewards Card?

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature, is this the right card for you. Find out some of the benefits of this card. Find out more about the card here

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From: David Clark

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