New card helps protect personal information

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Security breaches at major retailers like Target, Home Depot and Kmart have heightened concern over hackers gaining access to personal information like credit and debit card numbers. Now some pre-paid debit cards are offering the option to turn cards on and off through a smartphone app to prevent sensitive data, even if it does get stolen, from being used without the card holder's knowledge.

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Review Titan Guard Card - Smart Security Card

Shielding for your "Paywave" Cards


♥ Security Is Our Priority ♥

* Easy to use - Just put in wallet with other credit / debit cards

* Battery less - Using scanner to power up the "E-Field"

* Lightweight - Less than 10 grams

* Card Size - Easy to insert with other cards


Build Security In Your Wallet


For more details / info, visit:

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how to generate a 3d secure pin of credit card or debit card | ICICI bank |

how to generate a 3d secure pin of credit card or debit card

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Apple Federal Credit Union - Debit Card Security

Keeping your finances safe is more important today than ever. At Apple, we offer multiple layers of protection like 24/7 monitoring and EMV chips. Watch this video to learn a few things you can do today to protect your money and stay safe. For Apple FCU Debit Card details, visit

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Prepaid Visa Debit Cards

Prepaid Visa debit cards come in a wide variety of forms, it is important that your prepaid card gives you these 5 features. For more help and to grab your free report visit

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BluePay Gateway

With BluePay’s secure credit card payment gateways, your customers can make quick, efficient payments with just the click of a mouse.

Accept all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments (BlueChex) with fast, secure account verification.

Improve business operations with advanced management functions, including reports, batching, returns and voids.

Secure your business and your customers’ data by complying with PCI standards. Put your merchant payment gateway to work and start...

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Fuze Card - Your Whole Wallet in One Card

Secure, Slim, Convenient. Electronic Card with EMV Chip. Holds Up to 30 Credit, Debit Cards.

Pre-Order Now on

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Simple. Secure. Smart. EMV credit and debit cards are coming to you in 2016.

EMV – or, as they are more commonly known, “chip” – cards are coming to Royal Members in 2016! The chip cards, which are quickly becoming the new global standard, add an additional layer of security against fraud. Both our debit and credit card holders will be issued new cards later this year.

BUTTON – Find out how it works here

Watch for more information on our transition to EMV-enabled cards coming soon!

Remember, we’re here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, please...

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CIMB Debit Card - Security and Acceptance

CIMB Bank Debit MasterCard / CIMB Islamic Debit MasterCard is the ultimate cash alternative with unparalleled safety and convenience. With state-of-the-art security features, acceptance at over 1 million ATMs worldwide and a liability cap of RM250, you can now leave your cash and worries behind! Find out more by checking out our #DidYouKnow? video series below!

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Credit Card - Getting Approved For A Unsecured Credit Card With Bad Credit - Dieselbusiness

Credit Card - Getting Approved For A Unsecured Credit Card With Bad Credit

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Credit Cards and Prepaid Debit Cards for People with Bad Credit

Simply getting a credit card will not help you build, re-build or re-establish your credit history. Making on-time minimum payments with all of your creditors and keeping account balances low relative to the credit limit are key to rebuilding your credit history. Prepaid debit cards, unlike credit cards, do...

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