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Think That Chip in your Credit Card Makes You Safer?

While covering Black Hat, the premiere security conference for the TWiT network, Father Robert Ballecer had the opportunity to interview Weston Hecker, Senior Security Engineer @Rapid7. Hecker demonstarted how the new protocol that the chip employs actually makes it vulnerable to hackers. He was able to hack an ATM. Check out our interview and watch the cash fly out of the machine!

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7 questions about America’s credit card system answered

NRF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mallory Duncan answers questions about chip and PIN credit cards and explains why new bank-issued chip and signature cards, also known as EMV cards, are not as safe as they could be.

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RFID Credit Card Protector - DIY project

Just came up with a simple way to protect my credit / debit cards that have the new RFID chips in them from being scanned by thiefs. NOT AFRAID...just being can too!

Here is a video clip about the RFID chips in credit cards:

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Simple. Secure. Smart. EMV credit and debit cards are coming to you in 2016.

EMV – or, as they are more commonly known, “chip” – cards are coming to Royal Members in 2016! The chip cards, which are quickly becoming the new global standard, add an additional layer of security against fraud. Both our debit and credit card holders will be issued new cards later this year.

BUTTON – Find out how it works here

Watch for more information on our transition to EMV-enabled cards coming soon!

Remember, we’re here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, please...

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Bertie and Marica on Credit Card Terminals and Apple Pay

Bertie and Marica talk about security in the credit card payments industry and how merchants need to know that their credit card terminals are not compatible with Apple Pay, NFC, EMV, Google Wallet and Contactless Cards. The important question is "What is NFC?" It stands for Near Field Communication, and it is the technology that allows contactless transmission between credit cards and cellular phones and the Point of Sale terminals that process credit card and debit card transactions. The EMV...

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Plan to cut down on credit card fraud using chip cards delayed

Many people have been getting those new chip cards, but they can't be used everywhere the way they were intended.

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Credit Card Processing Terminal Update

Preparing your dealership for EMV® Europay MasterCard Visa card acceptance may require a new EMV terminal, or card reader and software update. Many new cards won’t be compatible with older machines, and it is worth addressing this issue prior to the changeover date in October 2015 so that a dated credit card terminal doesn’t cause problems accepting payment at your dealership and potentially impact your CSI scores or customer experience.

TSYS Merchant SolutionsTM is available to assist...

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How to Process EMV Credit Cards with Ingenico Terminal

FREE Ingenico ICT220 Terminal at EXS! Here is how to accept the new EMV smartcard chip-based cards that Visa/MasterCard are now issuing to minimize potential credit card breaches. Order your FREE terminal today before the mandated VS/MC October 2015 deadline for all USA merchants!

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ALERT! Obama Signs Executive Order to Microchip All Credit Cards!

Today, the President is signing a new Executive Order directing the government to lead by example in securing transactions and sensitive data.

While there is no silver bullet to guarantee data security, the President is signing an Executive Order to implement enhanced security measures, including securing credit, debit, and other payment cards with microchips in lieu of basic magnetic strips, and PINs, such as those standard on consumer ATM cards. He is...

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