Merchant Services Sales Positions and what to stay away from by Charles Baratta Merchant Services Group, a 10 year old credit card processing company in the New York City area has merchant services sales positions available nationwide.

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credit card processing,Starting Your Own Business

Are you tired of the same old grind or loosing your job.Rich challenges you to start your own company.

Mad Rich Gives tips and pointers on how to open up your own company.First thing you need is a huge pair of balls and a credit card processing company who will not only set you up with credit card processing but help you and coach you on how to run your own business and put you on the front page of Google.


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Chase Joins United For New Travel Card

It was just over a year ago that the largest US bank by assets sent tremors through the credit card industry by launching the Chase Sapphire Reserve. The premium travel card had a metal core and a suite of benefits so lavish that the company initially struggled to keep up with demand. In addition, it reported a $200 million loss on the card during its fourth quarter.

Chase expects the card to pay off handsomely in the long run, and competitors have been scrambling to keep up, setting off a...

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How To Deal With Old Credit Card Debt "Credit Card Collections

Old credit card debt will not just go away because debt collection companies make millions of dollars collecting old credit card debt that they only paid penny's on the dollar for.

Need your credit reports:

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Quick Credit Tip: About Authorized Credit Card Users

For years most credit card companies have allowed a credit card holder (owner) to provide extra card privileges to family members. This is called an "Authorized User" in the credit card industry. On the surface, this practice seems easy and sensible. I hold a major credit card and decide to let my 18 year old daughter use a card while they are away at college. I call the service department of my credit card provider and make the request. Typically, several days later a credit card with her name...

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