Repeal the Durbin Amendment - Stop the Merchant Markup

Debit and credit cards make it far more convenient to buy the things you need or love. Debit interchange convenience fees – the small charges retailers pay for the flexibility of accepting cards – make these transactions possible, secure, and reliable.

The Durbin amendment changed the way this once reasonable cost of business is calculated. Prices at big-box retailers should have been lowered for customers thanks to this change, it’s what retailers promised after all, but that hasn’t...

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From: Electronic Payments Coalition

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My Card Matters - UK Interchange

Sign the Petition: -- My Card Matters is an advocate for effective interchange reform that ensures consumers and businesses have a secure, convenient, and accessible electronic payment experience. We are an international group of credit unions, community banks, and payment card networks committed to protecting the value and convenience of electronic payments systems by educating policymakers, consumers, and the media and promoting...

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From: My Card Matters

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Credit Union of America BillPay It's For You

Stay connected to your finances with checking accounts designed for you. ConnectCheck is an interest-bearing account with exclusive benefits like one free overdraft annually and bonus points on Visa credit cards. SimpleCheck offers solutions for traditional checking account needs, access to online banking and free, unlimited check writing. ReserveCheck is for our members age 55 and greater. This account pays interest on average daily balances of at least $1,000 and members receive 20% off check...

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From: Credit Union of America

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Introducing the PSCU Online and Mobile Business Banking App!

Public Service Credit Union is proud to introduce the NEW PSCU Online and Mobile Banking system for businesses! Our new app is making banking for your business so much easier to accomplish from anywhere. The upgraded system is full of features to help your Colorado company #AffordLife, like:

-Custom PIN Login

-Person to Person Tranfsers

-ACH Transactions for Payroll Direct Deposit

-Remote Deposit Capture

-Turn Your Card Off and On

-Photo Document Attachment

-Bill Pay System

-Domestic Daily...

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From: Public Service Credit Union

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Financel - Retirement Plans For Closely Held Businesses, Part 2 Of 3

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6 Common Causes of Credit Card Debt

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From: car insurance online quote

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Target security breach affects all banks, credit unions and financial institutions

Taking place between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, a 19-day security breach gave thieves access to private credit and debit information of 40 million different accounts at U.S. Target stores. However, the cyber-attack on Target systems has not only been a nightmare for Target, but for all the banks, credit unions and financial institutions involved. The first lawsuit has been filed by the Alabama State Employees Credit Union, a small credit union in Alabama, against Target due to the breach of...

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From: Beasley Allen

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Florida Banks that Offer Secured Credit Cards - No Credit Help From Lenders in 2012 - In 2012 many bad credit and no credit borrowers are looking for ways to save cash. Some are seeking secured credit cards from their local bank, community bank or credit union. This video shows some of the options available for bad credit borrowers right now.

Florida Banks with Secured Credit Cards...

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From: SubprimeBlogger

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Professional Excellence in Financial Services - Graduates - Seneca College

80% of our graduates have secured employment in the Banking & Finance industry!

The Professional Excellence in Financial Services (EFS) Bridging Program builds on the learner's existing knowledge to prepare for career opportunities with employers in the financial sector, such as banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, investment funds, stock brokerages, consumer-finance companies, credit unions, accountancy companies, and some government-sponsored enterprises.

For more...

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From: Seneca Part-time

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Visa's Secure Payment System is Expanding to Online Shopping

Visa's move to protect your credit card numbers was apparently pretty popular. How do we know that? Well, it's coming to a bunch of places that aren't adorned with the Apple logo -- that's how. The company has announced that "other leading device manufacturers and technology companies" will adopt Visa Token Service this year. What's more, the company says it plans to use its secure payment system (one that doesn't any of your actual credit card info, but randomized data) on Visa Checkout...

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From: Wochit Tech

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