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2 selected videos - 9/11/2016 - CREDIT CARD DISPUTE = giveaway

I would have gladly stopped Kayla’s order from being shipped and waived her cancelation fee considering the circumstances, but, she didn’t even give me time to respond before doing a credit card dispute. From there she opened her own can of worms…

This video is almost 15 minutes long, it clears up the whole Kayla Adams email / credit card dispute nonsense that was spewed all over the “other” Facebook pages on Friday. This video gives an accurate time line and factual details...

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Sarah from Michigan ordered in mid-February. Sarah emailed us 2 weeks later saying that she forgot to include the street name on her home address (no joke) and Sarah wanted to know what solution we had for her. We told Sarah that her order had already shipped out and it was out of our control because it was currently in transit to her. Sarah was offended by that reply so Sarah emailed us back and said (quote) “I am only human and I made an error, I suppose I will just dispute this with my...

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